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One of my paternal great-great-grandfathers was Thomas Jarvis (1830-1901). He was probably born at Chesham but he was not baptised there. His family lived at Great Missenden but he and his older brother, Joseph, were not baptised there either. The oldest brother, William, and the youngest, Henry, were baptised at Great Missenden; Henry died aged eight days.

Thomas Jarvis (1830-1901) married Elizabeth MUNDAY (1830-52) in December 1851 at Great Missenden. She was buried there eight weeks later, most likely having died through pregnancy or childbirth complications. Thomas and Elizabeth had probably been betrothed for at least two years as they were both witnesses at the marriage of Joseph Jarvis to Mary Ann THOMPSON in February 1850. Thomas next appears at Arundel, Sussex in 1859 where he married Emma HARWOOD, they had nine children there. I don't know what led him to move to Sussex, he occasionally worked as a groom so he may have gone there with his employer. For more details about Thomas and his descendants see the Sussex Jarvis page.

William Jarvis (1824-?) and Joseph Jarvis (1827-?) also left Buckinghamshire, they had both moved to London by 1881. William Jarvis followed his father's trade of shoemaker, his brothers never established a fixed trade. William married his first wife Ann BARRATT at Great Missenden in 1847, his second wife, Sarah, was probably born at Beaconsfield.

A little mystery surrounds the whereabouts of Joseph in 1861. He was married with children but wasn't at home with his family at Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. Thomas was also away from his family, in Arundel, Sussex but he has been located in a jail in Petworth, a nearby town. If anyone ever spots Joseph Jarvis aged about 34 I would be very pleased to know the details.

Thomas Jarvis's parents were John Jarvis (1798-1871?) and Elizabeth CHANCE (1788-1859) who married at Great Missenden in 1822. John worked as a shoemaker in the High Street and/or Church Street at Great Missenden.

John Jarvis (1798-1871?) was born at Waddesdon and was the second child of William Jarvis (1763?-1821?) and Sarah FRANKLIN (1766?-1851?). William and Sarah married at Waddesdon in 1793 and had seven children. Their first son, William Jarvis (1795-?) married Mary BEETSON (1793-1874) in 1816 and they had seven children. William and Mary's sixth child, Sarah Jarvis (1833-?), married Levi EVANS (1828-67) in 1850. Levi's burial entry at Waddesdon suggests that he died in unusual circumstances but I could not make out the details. Another researcher suggests that it reads that he was run over by his own cart.

It's rather difficult to research the Jarvises further back, due to multiple possibilities. The most common first name for Jarvis men was William, the censuses also show that about one third of all men at Waddesdon were called William. There appear to have been two men named William Jarvis having children at the same time at Waddesdon. My William Jarvis (1763?-1821?) may have been the son of William and Jane. The IGI information is a little unclear and I haven't checked the parish register for this date. Jane's surname may have been ATHES or ATES, she married William Jarvis in 1758 at Waddesdon.

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