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One of my paternal great-grandmothers was Hannah Maria Starkings (1858-1943). She was born at Martham in eastern Norfolk, the fourth known child of James (1829-1909) and Maria SYMONDS (1829-95).

Hannah Maria Starkings (1858-1943) married Charles William DYBALL (1858-1920) at Martham in 1878. They had 18 children and all bar one survived to adulthood.

James Starkings (1829-1909) and Maria Symonds married at Martham in 1850. They already had one son James who appears as Starkings in all censuses but used Symonds for most birth, marriage and death registrations. James Starkings senior and Maria went on to have at least six more children at Martham. It is probable that they had at least two others who died as babies. James senior and Maria moved to Sloley by 1881. James Starkings senior died in 1909 at Great Yarmouth where he was possibly living with James junior and family. James Starkings junior married twice: his first (as James SYMONDS) to Charlotte COSSEY (1845-81) in 1869 produced two daughters, his second to Matilda (possibly CLARKE born 1849 at Blofield) produced three more daughters.
One of James and Maria's daughters, Mary Ann Starkings (1853-?), married Jonathon CHUBBOCK (1852-1933); one of their daughters, Sarah Chubbock (1890-1959), emigrated to the USA and married her cousin Edward Arthur DYBALL (1889-1978). Edward was the son of Charles William Dyball and Mary Ann's sister Hannah Maria Starkings. I am in contact with two descendants of Edward Arthur and Sarah Dyball. Another of James and Maria's daughters, Harriette, married Benjamin HODDS in a joint ceremony with Charles William DYBALL and Hannah Maria Starkings at Martham on Christmas Day 1878. Benjamin and Harriette HODDS had four children at Sloley by 1891.
Two of the other sons of James and Maria, Humphrey and John Edmund are known to have had families. Humphrey Starkings married Harriet DUNTON at had two sons at Sloley by 1891, these sons: Sidney William and Wilfred James, both married and had two and nine children respectively. John Edmund Starkings married in Norfolk but had children at Guildford, Surrey before moving back, eventually settling at South Walsham. The information about John Edmund has been confirmed by an e-mail contact but I don't have full details of the family.

James Starkings senior (1829-1909) was the fourth child of John Starkings (1798-1884) and Sarah HENDRY (1795-1859) who married at Martham in 1821. John and Sarah had seven children in total. The baptisms of their last three children suggest that Sarah's maiden name may have been SMITH rather than Hendry. Their daughter Martha married Humphrey DYBALL who was the uncle of Charles William Dyball mentioned above. Two of John and Sarah's other sons, William (1826-1912) and Benjamin (1831-1906), had families in Norfolk.
William Starkings (1826-1912) married Hannah (1830-69) and had eight children at Martham; three of his sons: Walter, John and Benjamin had families in the area. A contact is descended from William's son John Starkings (1855-90) who married Martha KIRBY (1856-1927) at Martham in 1879. Martha was the sister of Elijah KIRBY who married Caroline Emma KERRISON who also appears in my tree. John (1855-90) and Martha Starkings had four children at Rollesby but John's early death meant that Martha and the children were in Rollesby workhouse in 1891. Benjamin (1861-84) also died young, he married Emily Caroline PAYNE in 1881 and they had one son. This was William Benjamin (1881-?) who was living with his PAYNE grandparents at Walcott in 1891 because his mother had died before her husband in 1883. Walter (1854-1928) married Jane HOWES in 1876 and had at least two children at West Somerton.
John and Sarah's son Benjamin Starkings (1831-1906) moved to South Walsham where he had six children with Sarah Ann (1832-1921). Two of Benjamin's sons are believed to have married but the details are unclear. John and Sarah's eldest daughter, Sarah (1822-1905), did not marry but had a daughter Elizabeth in 1847, Elizabeth married Edmund CHURCH in 1867 and had at least seven children. John and Sarah's other daughter, Ann (1823-?) married John HOLT in 1845 and had at least three children.

John Starkings (1798-1884) was the oldest son of John (1776-1835) and Ann VINCENT. Much of this early information has been researched by Patricia Twelvetree (née Starkings) of Chelmsford. John and Ann married at Martham in 1798 and had seven children. Two of John and Ann's daughters had illegitimate children. One of these, William Everitt Swann Starkings (1829-98), son of Mary (1806-54) is the ancestor of Pat Twelvetree and of Pat's contact Christine Gibbons. Mary later married William HAYLETT in 1833 at Winterton and had at least seven children. William Everitt Swann Starkings (1829-98) moved to Great Yarmouth where he married Martha BOWLES (1831-92) in 1853, they had two sons and a daughter. One son, William Everitt Starkings (1854-93), eventually moved to Hull, Yorkshire. The other son, Reynolds Christopher (1868-1947), remained at Great Yarmouth where he had four sons.
John and Ann's daughter Ann (1799-aft.1891?) had two daughters before marrying James GREY in 1827. James and Ann GREY had five children at Martham. John and Ann's daughter Elizabeth (1811-?) married Thomas DYBALL in 1829 and probably had several children at Winterton including Ann (1831-?) who was with James and Ann GREY in 1851. Neither Thomas nor Elizabeth DYBALL can be found in the 1851 census for Norfolk so it's not known if he was related to the other Dyballs in my tree.

John Starkings senior (1776-1835) was the son of another John (1733?-1822) and Ann LAWSON (?-1790) who married at Martham in 1771. The earliest John Starkings was probably not born at Martham, his origins have not been discovered. John and Ann had another son, William Starkings (1781-1848), who married Elizabeth WARD (1781-1842) in 1802 and had at least nine children at Martham. I have not been given the details of John and Ann [LAWSON]'s other children although there must have been at least four more.
Several of William (1781-1848) and Elizabeth's children moved to London, one, Benjamin Starkings (1815-75) married Louisa PEARCE in 1840 at Hove, Sussex before moving to London. Several of Benjamin's siblings may have joined him in London but details are unclear. William and Elizabeth's eldest son, William junior (1802-43) married Sarah POWLEY (1805-97) and had seven children at Martham. The descendants of William junior's son John (1830-1900) moved to Grimsby, Lincolnshire. William junior's son Benjamin (1838-1923) moved to Liverpool, Lancashire but later returned to East Anglia and died at Gorleston. Benjamin's son William Henry Starkings (1867-1908) emigrated to Canada, Jack Starkings of Ottawa is a descendant.

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