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One of my paternal great-great-great-grandmothers was Ann Bungard (1796-1835). She was born at Coldwaltham, West Sussex, the ninth child of Thomas (1757-1845) and Mary POATE (1757-1842).

Ann Bungard (1796-1835) had an illegitimate daughter, Mary Bungard, baptised at Bury in 1815. Mary's fate is not known. Ann Bungard married John CHEESMAN (1792-1834) at Bury in 1820, it is not thought that John fathered Mary. John and Ann Cheesman had six children at Coldwaltham. John and Ann both died fairly young so the Cheesman orphans lived with their Bungard grandparents at Ridge Farm, Coldwaltham.

Thomas Bungard (1757-1845) married Mary Poate at Tortington in 1778. They had 11 children at Coldwaltham, the first three died as babies. Two of their other daughters are known to have married, Harriet Bungard (1782-bef.1851) married William TRIBE in 1813, they had seven children at Woolavington and Graffham. The TRIBEs later moved to Rotherbridge, just south of Petworth where two of the sons married BRIDGER sisters who had been next door neighbours. Jemima Bungard (1793-1834) married James DURRANT at Fittleworth in 1816, they are believed to have had at least five children, at Fittleworth, Kirdford, Brighton and Coldwaltham. James Durrant was probably a travelling blacksmith. Thomas and Mary's two surviving sons, Simeon and William, both had families.
Simeon Bungard (1784-1857) moved to Sidlesham where he worked as a fish dealer. Simeon Bungard married Maria WHEELER (1796-1880) there in 1813. Simeon and Maria had 12 children, marriages are known for half of them. Their son William Henry (1818-aft.1881) moved to London where he married Selina Sarah SALES in 1865. William also dealt in fish. Their daughter Harriet Wheeler Bungard (1824-?) married William MAYES in 1857. They had at least four children at Chichester where William Mayes had a draper's shop in Little London. Harriet's mother, Maria, may have lived with them for her last few years.
Simeon and Maria's eighth child, Alfred Henry Bungard (1832-91), joined the police force in Surrey and rose to Police Superintendent at Chertsey by 1880. Alfred married Mary GUMBRELL in 1852, they had six children at Worplesdon, Stoke next Guildford, Godstone and Weybridge. Marriages are known for two of their sons but it is not known whether they had children. Alfred married Keziah (1834-98) in 1880.
Simeon and Maria's eleventh child, Charles Herbert Bungard (1839-85) moved to Brighton where he married Harriet STONER (1843-1907) in 1867. They had two children there, then moved to St Saviour, Surrey where they had three more. Much of the information about Charles has been given to me by Graham Bungard who is conducting a One-Name study of BUNGARD. Graham was contacted by one of the descendants of Charles's son William Charles (1871-1935). William married Susan Elizabeth GERMAN (1871-1945) at Southwark in 1902. They had three children all of whom married. William's four siblings are all known to have married.

Thomas and Mary's son, William Bungard (1801-84), remained at Coldwaltham where he married Ellen BRISTOW (1803-86) in 1823. They had seven children, two of whom died as babies. Their only girl, Ann, died at the age of 15; she was probably named after William's sister Ann (my ggggmother) as she was the first Bungard girl to be born after Ann senior's death. Three of William and Ellen's sons, George, James and Oliver are known to have had families.
James Bungard (1826-1905) married Anne HILLS (1827-68) in 1846. They had six children at Coldwaltham but then moved away. James reappears at Brighton in 1881, having married Barbara STRETTON there in 1879.
George and Oliver Bungard married sisters, Jane and Ellen MILES. George (1823-1880) married Jane Miles (1829-95) in 1849. They moved to Shoreham where they had 10 children. George was a sailor, probably a fisherman, at least three of his sons, George, Frederic and Henry Walter, followed him into the same occupation. Marriages are known for five of George and Jane's children: George, Frances Miles, Frederic, Joseph Miles and Henry Walter.
George Bungard junior (1851-92) married Sarah Grace HORNER in 1879. They had five daughters at Shoreham before George died, probably by drowning. Sarah remarried Isaac LONG in 1899, all five daughters are also known to have married.
Frances Miles Bungard (1863-?) married Harry Peter BURDEN (1858-86) in 1884, they had two children. Frederic married Rose Marie (1860-89) in 1884, they had one son. Frances Miles Burden and Frederic Bungard had both been widowed by 1891 and were living with their widowed mother along with the young children. Frederic married Nellie BURDEN (1868-1954) in 1893, she may have been the sister of Frederic's late brother-in-law.
Henry Walter Bungard (1870-1949) married Lorenza Emma CLARK in 1890 at Preston village church, Brighton. Henry was then working as a mariner but switched to working on the railways, he may have been influenced by the death of his brother George. Henry and Lorenza had at least three children, the first was named Robert Peel Iverna. Iverna is known to have been a boat's name, a namesake hotel in Eastbourne has its anchor. I don't know if they were the same boat. Robert (1891-1912) married Sarah CROOKES in 1912 but died very shortly afterwards.

Oliver Bungard (1831-95) was apprenticed to Edward EDE, the blacksmith at Coldwaltham. The Edes seem to have had a monopoly on the blacksmith positions in all the surrounding villages so Oliver moved away to practise his trade. He married his sister-in-law Ellen MILES (1837-1928) at Shoreham in 1856 but their first son was born at Ditchling. Oliver then ran the smithy at Sompting where he had eleven more children. In about 1880 he moved his business to Hove, one more child was born there. Most of Oliver and Ellen's children married but tracking the movements of most of them is difficult, all bar one seem to have had a few children in the area then moved away. The one that remained was Oliver junior.

Oliver Bungard junior (1861-1919) became a stone mason. He married Ada Margaret WOODS (1864-1948) in 1884. They had six children at Hove: Ada Margaret, James Oliver, Ernest John, Mabel Irene, Kathleen Hilda and Hervey Arnold. Oliver founded Bungard and Sons in 1906 at Sackville Road, Hove, they were stone masons and funeral directors. Bungard and Sons still exists today but only as funeral directors; much of this information comes from the directors (1996) Rupert Hervey Bungard and James Leonard WHITTLE. Rupert kindly sent me the information after I contacted him, he also put me in touch with Graham Bungard who started his study of the surname about 30 years ago. Rupert is the son of Hervey, James Whittle is a grandson of James Oliver Bungard (1887-1941). All three of Oliver's sons and son-in-law William Alfred WILMER (husband of Mabel Irene) were eventually involved in the business.

Back to my ancestors! Thomas Bungard (1757-1845) was the second child of Peter Bungard (1699?-1764) and Jane SMITH (1724?-1788). Peter and Jane married at Coldwaltham in 1755. The licence shows that Peter Bungard was a bachelor aged 55, of Coldwaltham for five years. Peter and Jane had four children, two died as children. The oldest, Jane (1755-1828), had two illegitimate sons, John Watts Bungard (1772-1846) and Thomas Bungard (1774?-1822). Jane married Edmund LEE (1753-1832) in 1781 and they had eight children at Coldwaltham. Jane's son Thomas left a will and gave legacies to his half-brother Luke LEE and to his brother John, he also instructed his employer, James COBBY, to pay 40 in weekly sums of three shillings to his mother. If this was done as instructed Jane would have received money for about five years. John Watts Bungard married and had children, some of whom used the WATTS surname.

Peter Bungard (1699?-1764)'s origins have not been discovered, he may have been born in Pulborough or Wisborough Green. He is almost certainly descended from the de Bongar glass-making brothers who came to Sussex from France in the 16th century. One of these brothers was Peter and this first name appears in all of the intervening generations. See the BUNGARD One-Name Study page for more information about the early Bungards and their descendants.

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