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The old village of Clipstone 6 miles north-east of Mansfield is a place of history, part of the Sherwood Forest and was part of the Duke of Portland's large estate.   Sherwood Forest contained hunting parks created to preserve game largely for the pleasures of the hunt. at Clipstone a stretch of forest was enclosed to create Clipstone Park, 8 miles in circumference. A lodge for accommodating royal parties is known to have existed at Clipstone. Later known as "King Johns Palace". King John visited on five occasions, Richard I met King William of Scotland here in 1194. In the boundaries of the park is the old Parliament Oak where King John is alleged   to have agreed to sign the Magna Charter.



An article taken from the MANSFIELD ADVERTISER

19th August 1898

In spite of the fact that Mr. A. Stapleton eight years ago brought out a ‘History of Kings’ Clipstone’, we venture to think that this once famous structure is to be bracketed with Rufford Abbey in being but little known to the present generation of dwellers in the shire. That but a small and somewhat inaccessible fragment of the venerable building now remains, is in this instance, somewhat accountable for the oblivion into which it has fallen,

but a place like Clipstone ought to be better known.

The opening lines from an article written one hundred years ago, lamenting the lack of interest in our village, little has changed. In fact we have even managed to lose the name of Clipstone. Since the mining village was built, some half mile away, originally called New Clipstone we have now become Old Clipstone and they are Clipstone.

Many of the villagers feel that we would like to return to the title

‘Kings’ Clipstone’

Which was regularly used between 1290 - 1474. So highlighting the fact we are a village in our own right. A village with a long and glorious past that is well documented, although with the exception of ‘Mr. A. Stapleton’s ‘Kings’ Clipstone’, printed in 1890 by Linney’s in a print run of 100 copies, we have no other written history.

Thanks to....

We are a group of enthusiastic amateur historians working under the title

‘ A Celebration of Kings’ Clipstone’

With the help of Newark and Sherwood College and the Clipstone Learning Centre, sponsored by R J Budge, we hope to produce a history of Kings’ Clipstone. Many thanks to all the staff for their support, advice and encouragement.

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