Equipment Changes


Further equipment changes as of July 2004

The intended mods to the RC have been completed, and now I can add the refractors to the RC ota, and get everything balanced. Just waiting for the PIR, and we are ready to run.

Click on the image for more details etc.


I have also invested in a Denkmier bino set - formally my mate Tims, and some eyepieces, so pretty much sorted now I guess. Just need some spare time, some better health, more energy,, and some clear skies - wish me luck!


Further changes as of January 2004

Well a new year, and a new piece of gear, has a familiar ring to it doesn't it!.

The C11 has been sold, and I am now the proud owner of 12.5" RC manufactured by RC Optical Systems.

Probably the finest optical configuration there is for imaging. This system produces a completely flatfield over large areas associated with that required for todays larger CCD chips. The build quality is incredible, and it is also a work of art.

I am also now the UK dealer for these scopes.



Kev with his new toy, just installed. The original pier was shortened by removing the pier extention, and a new circular disc was placed on the top, and an additiona; ME plate was incoporated to allow the new system to fit in the dome.

The next task is to get the lot aligned, and also get the refractors mounted around the side.

Special thanks also to Dave Rose for his assistance in getting all in.


Equipment changes May 2003

Last October I had the observatory up with the AP900GTO in. Now with the arrival of the Paramount ME, all has changed again.

It is now June, and have managed to get the new ME in, and what a beautiful piece of work. The quality is superb.

It now supprts a Takahashi FS128, a Takahashi FCT76, a Vixen 80mm f11.4, and a C11 OTA. It moves them around with ease.

I haven't got an awful amount of room left in the dome, but I have more than enough.




The Paramount ME sure makes a nice platform for a variety of OTA's.

There has been further developments on the solar front, see

New H alpha & Calcium Solar accessories

I also have to confess to doing sod all on the Deep Sky imaging side. Hopefully when I have set the ME up correctly, and have got my solar work well under way, I must make efforts to get into this again.


Last years changes - October 2002


Well you have probably seen how I left everything last year. In 2002 year things have changed slightly. The Paramount GT-1100 has been sold, and so has the blue pier. The centre of the garden now contains my Observatory. A Sirius Observatory from Australia. It is 7' 6" diameter, and 8'7" tall. It is motorised, remotely controlled, and is almost completely finished.

.... ....

I still have the two Taks FS128 & FCT 76, and the C11. I expect the Paramount ME to be arriving in November, and the AP900 GTO will become my transportable system complete with the portable pier.

For more details of the dome and construction etc see the link below.

The New Observatory

In addition to the dome I have moved on the Astrovid 2000, and replaced it with a Stellacam. I have also added an Optec TC-F focusser for my CCD imaging.


The new Optec focusser complete with True Technology filter wheel & ST-10E

Oh yes, and I also managed to obtain a pair of French naval binoculars, a pair of 10 x 62's Follow the link for more details. Neraly forgot those!

Well that brings the site up to date with respect to toys, don't expect much else apart from the ME. When it arrives, and is in, I will post the details - can't wait to be honest.

New French Naval Binoculars


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