New accessories for observing the sun


Last October I had managed to obtain a couple of new accessories to aid me in my H alpha observations. The first one was a 2x Telecentric unit which when combined with my 77mm ERF gives me a nice f30 instrument, and good image scale. The telecentric unit is manufacture by Wolfgang Lille, and is made to screw directly into the back of the Talahashi FS128.



In addition to that I purchased a full aperture ERF for the Tak FS128, and also a Televue 4x Powermate. This gives me additional resolution, a greater magnification, and more detail. This combination had been ideal for some of the high resolution work I have embarked on. Some of the views have been breath taking.



Since I have had a passion for H alpha solar observation Del Woods of Daystar has made me the UK's authorised dealer. So if your interested in doing similar work, feel free to get in touch.

Further changes as of June 2003

I have now added additional equipment for solar observing. As you can see I had sorted things out quite nicely for my solar work, and was happy with how things had come together. However at Thetford in 2002 I sold my Daystar 0.7ATM filter to Brian Bond, and ordered a 0.5 ATM to replace it. It took six months to get here, but it seems to be absolutely superb.

In addition to that I have bought a Daystar Calcium K line filter at 5 angstroms for viewing surface details. This is the first in a line of filters that Del Woods at Daystar is doing which fit in between the 2 angstrom, and 10 angstrom previously on offer.

This is now permanently fitted to a 80mm Vixen f11.4 r4efractor coupled with a 2.5x powermate to give the graeter than f20 required. In addition this is polenty of aperture, as it requires no ERF. Initial observations look interesting.

The Vixen refractor is attached to the FS128 with a set of Chris Heapy guidescope rings which are also attached via a set of Parallax rings. All this is now fitted on to the Paramount ME which has now arrived. With the arrangement as such, I can slide off the refractors using a Losmandy dovetail arrangement, and then take them away on the AP900GTO for star parties etc.

The DayStar 5 angstrom Calcium K line filter, and the Vixen it operates on.


Twin Basler cameras on twin Daystars. Unfortunately I have only one camera of my own, but I can occasionally borrow one.. This shows the H alpha on the FS128, and the Calcium on the Vixen 80mm.


I am also awaiting delivery of a Meade 6.3 & 3.3 reducer. This way I will hopefully be able to do full disc H alpha and Calcium images as well.


The only other toys I would like to add is a Zeiss binoviewer for my visual work, and replace the 4x powermate with a 4x Lille telecentric to aid assembly for the full aperture ERF application.


Apart from that all I am after is a nice Coronagraph. Alas funds are chronic, so I cannot see this happening for a while. Fingers crossed something will turn up.

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