Solar Observations

Having replaced my Daystar 0.7 angstrom with a 0.5 Angstrom filter this year, and than added a a Daystar Calcium K line filter, and received my new Paramount ME mount - all at the end of April I have started to do some more serious observations.

One of my first events with the new filters was the transit of Mercury May 7th 2003, and after getting all up and running at home on return from the annular eclipse in Scotland I have now begun some more detailed solar imaging.

Here are some of the more interesting links

Solar flare June 16th 2003

Some favourite Hi Resolution H alpha images

The transit of Mercury May 7th 2003

Annular eclipse from Burghead - Moray - Scotland

Multiple Burst from region NOAA on June 12th 2003

White light images of full disc from 8th June 2003

Comparison images of features in Calcium & H alpha light

H alpha accessories

Hi resolution H alpha animations

Daystar Filters

Observations of the Sun in White Light

Observing of the Sun

Total Solar Eclipse Observations


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