New Hi Res H alpha animations


Here are some of my recent attempts at animations using the the Takahashi FS128.

All the images have been captured using a Basler digital camera, and Aquinto A4I Docu software, some enhancement in Adobe Photoshop, like levels, unsharp mask, and brightness and contrast tweaks. The images were then aligned in Maxim DL, and animated using JASC animation. I how to get more of these as time goes on.

They do take a while to load, but I thought they deserved to be a here.


Takahashi FS128 - 4x Powermate - Full Aperture ERF

Takahashi FS128 - 4x Powermate - Full Aperture ERF


Following the aquisition of the Daystar 0.5 ATM I have managed to star a new phase of observing, and here is the first animation with the new system.

Starts at 1147 UTC & Finishes at 1544 UTC June 2003. Region NOAA 0375

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