Imaging the Moon

With a Basler Digital Camera


Having tried imaging with both a video camera and the Sony DKC-CM30 digital camera, I wanted a combination of the two. A digital camera with higher resolution and computer control of the functions reducing camera shake, complete with a live image, and direct capture to PC.

I had been using a new camera for imaging in Microscopy applications - My employer MetPrep Ltd supplies such equipment. I also have been very lucky to have the use of one of these camera systems to carry out my astronomical imaging courtesy of Micromotion - the supplier of our imaging systems.

I have built a 'transportable' system which allows me to use the Basler camera both at the microscope inside, and also outside for use at the telescope. It's not exactly portable, but with everything kept together setup time is kept to a minimum.




This is the setup as used for imaging the Moon at full disk using the FCT76. It is positioned here on the Vixen GP mount. The FCT76 is usually piggy backed on the FS128. The monitor can be tilted in various positions so that focusing on the monitor is easier. I also use a JMI NGFS to reduce vibration.



Here you can see the Basler camera in detail. There is a connection to the image capture card in the PC, a power supply, and a serial cable for controlling the camera conditions. The images are captured straight into an archive and databasing software package called Archive4Images.

With the new software called A4I docu released in the UK September 2002, it will be possible to run firewire versions of this camera when available.




Two prime focus images taken with the Basler camera through a Takahashi FCT76. Reasonable prints can obtained at about 12 -14 inches in diameter from these images. It is proving a very versatile system

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