Imaging the Moon

With a Sony Digital Camera


Having played around with the Astrovid on my LX200 and managed to image something recognizable, I came across a small digital camera by Sony. The DKC-CM30. This had been introduced into the market place for use on microscopes. A simple camera arrangement without a lens. Ideal for imaging at the telescope. It is small and can easily be carried around, focusing is simple by using the LCD screen on the back of the camera, and it even came with a remote release. I decided to put it through its paces.

Operation is simplicity itself, however the exposure is automatic, and it does tend to over expose. The resolution is only 640 x 480, but for small images that's fine.That aside with a few small tweaks in Photoshop, images showing some considerable detail can be generated. The images are colour, but I tend to convert them to monochrome when applicable.




Coupling a 150 - 500mm Tokina zoom lens using an OM - C mount adapter allows you to do simple imaging of the Lunar phases. The system has been mounted piggyback style on the FS128 for convenience.




A series of images taken with the Sony DKC-CM30 using the Takahashi FS128

Lunar Imaging with an Astrovid 2000 video camera

Lunar imaging with a Basler digital Camera


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