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Readers Letters from my Knickers and Upskirts Magazine.


I found your website whilst surfing and particularly enjoyed the story of Richard and Marianne.  I too, happen to enjoy wearing DK's and whenever I'm on my own, I get into my knickers, suspenders, stockings and a skirt.   As I type, I am now wearing a pair of pink DK's and the rest - I can't understand why girls prefer trousers!!

Throughout my life I've always had a secret stock of knickers - I've now got four pairs but they're pastel shades and white.  I can no longer find the darker colours!

My ATS friend let me have a pair of her khaki issue DK's as a memento.  I'm not going to tell you how often I wore them and ejaculated in them!  Alas, they've long since worn out!

I did know a Wren, but she was engaged to a friend and I never screwed up the courage to talk to her about her knickers!!

And since I've often wondered whether the issue DK's for the Navy were navy blue, I did read somewhere that Officer issue were cream, and when I saw your site I thought you'd be a good person to ask.  Incidentally, I've never told anyone else of my interest which dates back to my childhood - I was once dressed in navy blue school knickers on the beach as my mother had forgotten my swimming trunks!!!

My wartime escapades led me to knowing the colour of the knickers worn by ATS and WAAF members!  I never tracked down a WREN in suitable circumstances to see her knickers.   Can you help me on this and did officers and ratings wear the same colour?


I shall have to throw this one out to the members as I have no idea what colur WREN's knickers were.


    I love knickers in any shape or form and whether they are being worn or only in a shop waiting to be bought! I think that lots of people if they were honest think about knickers most of the time, especially men!! Recently I have been taking note of the times I see in print or hear the words panty or knicks being mentioned. People on the Tele talk about them all the time and in the Daily Papers they are always showing glimpses they have had of knickers, in some cases they really must have got ‘up and under’ to get the photo - if you know what I mean? I’m not saying there is anything wrong in this BUT the media does seem to keep double standards - for them it is O.K to go up a young lady’s skirt for a sight of her knickers BUT if it were you or I we would be called perverted!

Don’t let this put you off looking for and at knickers because what’s good enough for them is alright for us. Now that the better weather is here (I hope) knicker spying should become easier while being worn, of course. It’s a shame that so many young ladies prefer to wear trousers these days, obviously they must have guessed that so many of us males like to look for knickers.

Anyway be that as it may, there are other ways to see knickers, either in the stores or in gardens on a sunny day. If I am lucky when the wind blows and the sun shines my next door neighbour can always be relied on to hang out her ‘smalls’ I think she is very clean as I sometimes count twenty pairs on her line all at once. After all there are only 7 days in a week and if she changes them once a day that makes only 14 pairs - I have realised that sometimes this is because we have had a bit of bad weather and she has had to wait for a fine day, but her drawers must be absolutely full to bursting with knickers, and panties. I wonder if she has visitors who love knickers and maybe she gets them to do her washing? I haven’t seen any sign of this so far. I must say that I would love to take this task on for her, unfortunately she knows nothing of me and I don’t expect she even cares.

I love to go shopping and get extreme pleasure from the undie departments. In this day and age all undies are exhibited freely for me to look at and I can even go and touch them, it’s glorious! Years ago nobody would have thought of hanging up knickers, they were all kept in drawers so you had to ask for them and then of course buy! these days you can look, touch, and never even buy if you don’t wish to. Naturally if you do this too often you will get some funny looks, but the shops always seem to be in a short supply of shop girls and they are only to be found on the check-outs, so no hassle from them, just deadly looks from the matrons out shopping.

I hope you will be able to use my letter, I don’t write often, well not at all really, so thought I would give it a go and see if I came out in print!?

Knicker friend James.

(P) Thanks for your letter, are you now suffering from surprise?? There are many people who do think that I make up all the letters in this magazine, believe me I just don’t get the time. I do hope you will be able to write a bit more of your knicker sightings and hunts!



Dear Pamela,

Just a few lines to say thank you for my knicker magazine and also thanks for printing my letter, it is great to see oneself in print! Thanks for passing on Anne’s letter, I’m not sure why she went through you as I am already in contact with her, never mind here’s one for you to send back to her please.

I always like the cover girls that you place on your mags, they certainly add to my collection. In Issue One - I really enjoyed those photos on pages 24-25 of Upskirts shots, ones like those really make me excited. I liked Jane's ‘Corcol’ letter and photos and those three ladies bending over were great. I really do like to see knickers, stockings and suspenders. I also liked the ones of the lovely Beverley, she always looks so happy.

Oh, by the way, thank you for sending that video of your Models it was very nice.. I’ll say bye for now.



(P) Thanks for your very kind remarks and I’m pleased to hear you like the cover girls I give you. My thanks go to all those of you who take the time and trouble to send me a negative to use for these covers. If there are others of you who do have a colour negative of young ladies in knickers I am always happy to use them. It will also give great pleasure to other Members to see something from your own collections rather than from mine! Oh, yes - Anne probably mislaid your letter to her - she is a very busy lady!



Dear Pamela,

Thanks so much for the latest ‘K & U’ Issue 2. A real BUMper Issue. I thought your emphasis on bum’s outstanding. Nicola’s in her pale pink shiny knicks was a glorious vista on page 11 a sight to quicken the pulse - if not the dead! Other mouth watering treats are the stunning rear views of the pretty Jenny on page 40 - Duncan’s studies of the cane-wielding damsel on pages 16-17 and the double spread of the delightful Diane on pages 24-25.

A special thanks to the bounteous Rona for her reply to all her devotees through the magazine. (Yes, Rona we are Legion!) and for her de-lick-table close up on page 32 and of course the magnificent cover picture. How I’d love to trace, very, very slowly, every tiny detail of her complex tattoos. It could take hours!! (In my dreams!!) I’m so glad she liked my poetic tribute to her in the previous Issue; the merest glimpse of her voluptuous charms is enough to inspire effusions of both the poetic and the physical kind!

Heather squatting in black undies on page 34 is also lip smacking.

Who wouldn’t want to lick her lips through the gusset of those tight little knicks?

I’m glad you pointed out on page 33 that many of us ‘oldies’ cannot afford the fees or fares required to buy things or to visit young ladies, that is why we appreciate this magazine, we can dream our dreams while reading and looking at all the gorgeous girls in their knickers and sometimes showing off their bare bits!

Like Member Rudey, I too like the sexy presenter on B.P Kids tele - she often wears micro minis and devastating boots but I missed the showing of her knicks when she did the splits - shame! I am still hoping that we will get some knicker shots in the summer during the Tennis - I for one will be keeping my eyes wide open!!

Yours appreciatively John Evans.


(P ) Glad you are still enjoying the magazine and thanks for always writing in with your comments, stories and drawings all very gladly received. The photos that Duncan sent in were taken from the ‘internet’ they came out well didn’t they? He wishes to see more school girl photos, so I will have to look through all of mine to see if I can get some for him into the magazine - as you know I do try to please everyone if I can. Glad to that you mentioned Diane’s pics - she does really want people to buy some from her - plus her videos.



Dear Pamela,

What a blockbuster - literally! was Issue 2. I’m sure that Rona is a magnificent, dear person but to encounter her on the cover was too much like an armed rowing boat meeting up with the fighting ‘Temeraire.’

As I’ve said before, I believe - and I bet most of your Readers would agree - that tattooed women with a sterculian (not sure of this word?) sexual appetite are, like caviar, an acquired taste. Wouldn’t something a little less confrontational and more seductive have been better on the front cover?

To me the delights of knickerology can be summed up in naughty, dainty femininity with a hint of womanly muskiness and a lot of silken mystery. How about a Readers/Members poll on what they’d really like to see in ‘K&U’. Having said that I admire the way you get such an amount of sexy pics and stories together in each Issue.

Issue 2 was notable in my book - as was the bare titted little darling Diane on page 26; Beverley as always and the unnamed wearer of the satin Directoires on page 5 - Sue from John - Nicola, of course; delightful Jenny and so on.

John’s schoolgirl story was exciting and I agree that Readers should send in more of these. I was also turned on by the drawing of you, Pam. on page 37. What a lovely cunt for sucking!

Carry on with the good work

Rudey K/52901


(P) Well now, it’s good to hear that you still enjoy the magazine, but regarding having a Poll - I would do this but, when I have done this before I never get much response. I really think that many Readers and Members are not really certain about what it is they DO want!? SO, you will all have to put up with what I give you! On to that cover pic, we all need something contentious now and again. Rona was kind enough to send her negative for me to use (Thanks again Rona) and I used it. If you wish to have sentimental shots for the cover any of you MAY send them to me, I always return these negatives after use. The lady on page 5 was me in blue D.K’s! And the drawing - well that just slipped in!! You say you like muskiness from knickers - well here’s a secret - you can’t get that from just a photo!!



Dear Pamela,

Thanks for my current magazine, I really had an enjoyable read and also a good wank over some of the photos. Not over the cover photo because that one went straight into my album. I know that several of your Members say they don’t like to see tattoos, but they are fun things and think of all that licking around them that can be done! I had a Mistress once (I swing all ways!) who had a Jaguar over and around her cunt - now that was fun!! She was very cat-like with green eyes and sharp claws. To please me she did let me buy her some animal print knickers and bra and she looked real cool wearing them, I was soon turned on.

I note that one of your Readers wants to see more school photos in your magazine from what he says he would like to see them wielding a cane too! I seem to remember that you used to bring out a photo-mag called ‘Prefect’ in which you had lots of school girls, actually adult young ladies, featured in it. Perhaps you should reprint this for those Members who are into the school theme?

I have tried to take some interesting photos of knickers to send to you for use in your magazine but I don’t seem to have the knack, I promise you I do keep trying. It seems that with age I have a shake in my hands so the photos come out all unfocused.

I really admire the fellows who do drawings for the mag. They are very lucky to have the ability to show ladies in differing situations in their knickers. I myself have tried doing drawings - if I were Lowry they could be accepted, never mind I will just have to continue to enjoy those that you feature, I do sometimes cut them out and then blow them up for my toilet wall. It a good way to save on wall paper! and gives me hours of joy whilst sitting on the loo!

I also find the stories very appealing especially now that you have a delightful Lady writing for you called Knickola - can she be real, I ask myself?? I’m so glad to know that not only males get your magazine but that ladies do too. Most ‘mens’ mags do tend to be over-run with everything being just for men! It’s good to see and hear the ladies point of views.

Well I’ll close now as I seem to have gone on for long enough, do keep up the good work you do for all of us Knicker lovers even if we do seem picky at times.

All the best Fred.


(P) Nice to hear from you - I expect the reason your hand gets the shakes with the camera has little to do with AGE!! Naughty fellow. Great to hear you are papering your toilet - now you’ve mentioned this other Members will be doing the same thing - making it tough on the ladies using the toilets - not many of us like to be confronted by ourselves in the nude or with just knicks especially if blown up!! Actually the way some people go about doing a drawings is to trace around a photograph first - it can help!

I can’t reproduce the ‘Prefect’ style mags as I am no longer in touch with the younger ladies to get the photos that would be needed. Also on the actual ones I did - I no longer have the originals from them to repeat. Sorry about that as it was a good idea.



Dear Pamela,

I am writing this true story for all the Readers and Members of your wonderful magazine.

It was a lovely Summers day so I decided to go to the beach, always a good place for knicker sightings. Walking on the Prom, a woman in a short flared skirt crouches over a pram giving a great view of her pink pantie gusset.. On the beach I see a girl changing under a towel and I watched her pick up her knickers and slid3e them under the towel. She wriggled a bit from side to side and then dropped the towel to reveal a pair of very brief light blue cotton panties which were so tight that the shape of her fanny could be clearly seen!

I followed a woman in a grey pleated skirt, and after following her for a couple of minutes, the wind lifted the hem of her skirt to show that she was wearing lilac coloured french knickers. These also were very tight and the crotch had nearly disappeared up her bum cheeks!

Then there was a woman wearing a full skirt sitting on the beach with her legs wide open and her knees up showing off her yellow silky knickers. Dark pubic hairs protruded from both sides of her tight gusset.

All this was too much for me so I decided to relieve myself in the nearby toilets. I couldn’t have picked a better spot as the window was slightly open ands by standing on the toilet seat I could see a row of deck chairs. There were three women directly facing me and all unaware that I was wanking while watching them, because of the low seats of the chairs I could see right up their skirts - so there were three super knickers gussets all in white! The youngest one was a lovely blonde whose knickers were trimmed with pink lace, as she eased herself out of the chair her legs opened even wider and I saw her gusset stretched very tightly against her pussy. Needless to say that I was really ready to spunk by this time!

From Bruce. K/63280.



Dear Pamela,

I was recently staying the weekend with some friends who let me sleep in the bedroom of their grown up daughter, an Air Stewardess, who was away on a long haul flight to Tokyo. I noticed before I went to bed, a screwed up pair of worn tights in the waste paper basket, and then a pair of very skimpy, lace trimmed black panties, draped over a radiator to dry. The sight of these two ultra feminine garments, combined with the intoxicating perfume which permeated the room, got me very excited, as did the presence of other intimate underwear and sexy shoes.

I tried to sleep but was so aroused by the close proximity of these tantalising items and being in HER bed that I could not, and kept fantasising, involuntarily, about being ordered by HER to this sweet scented boudoir to pay oral homage to it’s usual occupant, who would spank me and use me if I failed to give her complete satisfaction.

Eventually after much tossing and turning, I got up, quietly ‘rescued’ the tights from the basket and wrapped them round my throbbing shaft. The feel of the sheer, delicate nylon was exquisite and I had to be careful not to stroke myself with the fabric too much in case I came far too quickly, I wished to savour the moments. When I did eventually come my orgasm was volcanic, much more intense and shattering that a normal wank. I fell asleep with the tights still wrapped around my cock, but I was too worked up to sleep for very long.

An hour later, still assailed by my fantasies, I found myself standing naked in front of the full length wardrobe mirror. This time I furiously tossed myself off into the knickers from the radiator. The sensations were even more mind blowing than with the tights, and I exploded with a climax that shook me to the core. Twice again that night I masturbated into those panties, until the silken fabric was soaked and sticky and my shaft delightfully sore!

All this made me very aware of my long lack of contact with the opposite sex. I suppose, to a married man the sight and feel of such female under garments would be common place, he probably wouldn’t even give them a second glance! To me, however, they were dynamite, much more potent than a course of ‘Viagra’. I suppose this is one way in which fetishes start?

The next morning, I surreptitiously re-washed the panties and draped them back over the radiator. The tights however, I took home, after all they had been discarded and for several weeks used them to masturbate into. If the young lady could only have guessed as to what use I’d put her undies! I just hope Her knickers were dry when she returned from Tokyo! You probably think I’m pretty pathetic, or even perverted, reacting like this, but when you’ve been deprived of sex for as long as I have ‘Needs must when the Devil drives!!"’

Best Wishes Jon.



Luscious Rona, Suffolk’s pride,

Likes on her victims face to ride.

In Knickers or quite bare below,

She loves Her underlings to know

That She’s their Goddess from above,

Whom they must worship lick and love.

She uses Her superb behind

Those wicked wankers to remind

That on this earth their rightful place

Is with Her bum upon their face!!




Bound to the bed, with knickers


Her latest victim’s being shagged.

Too bad for him he’s not escaped,

For now he’s really getting raped!

Spread-eagled, nude, upon Her bed

With bun already striped raw red!

He’s rogered as She takes him deep

And calls him ‘wimp’ and ‘worm’

and ‘creep’.

She’ll keep him thus for half an


A victim of Her woman power!

And when She’s screwed him till

he’s sore.

She’ll simply straddle him once



Dear Pamela,


I hope you will print some of these photos I have enclosed for ‘K&U’. What a shame they were not ready for your last Issue which tended to emphasise the ‘schoolgirl’ image. I must admit it’s not just the pics that do the bizz! I’m sure there are many of us that love to lose ourselves in the fantasy of those easy carefree days of youth. A good few more enjoy reading the heady terror of a summons to the Head too!! All good fun, when we can get it. Anyhow I have also enclosed another story, which I hope will cause a little tremble in the valleys of desire!

Love Knickola.



Dear Pamela,

Many thanks for the K&U magazine, which I get passed to me via Beth. It was really nice to read Rudey’s kind comments and I’m sending in a photo of me in a topless rubber dress which I hope you can use and he will like, along with other Members of K&U.

I help out at Beth’s B&B when she’s busy, also I see one or two gentlemen friends there myself. I finally passed my driving test in Jan. and have obtained a little car to get about in, so am mobile now and able to visit friends more now, than before.

I’m a pre-op transsexual, so hopefully soon I’ll be like Hayley in ‘Coronation St.’ and have the ‘Full Monty’. At the moment I’m still a chicky with a dicky, but my passport and driving license are female - they won’t change your birth certificate though. This is because my ‘change’ is irreversible, the nip and tuck ‘op will just make it all final although some of my men friends do confess that they will miss the ‘little fireman’ once it’s gone. Personally I can’t wait - but have to ‘cos the ‘op costs a fortune.

Anyway I’m available on my own or with Beth for all sorts of knicker loving fun. I especially enjoy watersports, giving and taking. I can be a bit assertive it it’s needed, you know smacked botties etc: I am quite small now a bit busty 36C. I seem to bring out the naughty Uncle in some men and I do like going over their knee IF they are kind! I will travel to meet people but not too far, and of course I do entertain at home too.

I’m sending a little true short story with this letter which I hope you can use for the magazine.

All best wishes from Jay.



Kris really stretched my horizons when he pulled his glistening rod out of my sore little bottom! I was amazed to see that he was still quite hard, he’d had me all over the bed since he arrived tow hours earlier.

Doggy fashion to begin with and it took the best part of a quarter bottle of body silk lotion to get him inside! Kris hadn’t bothered to pull off my red lace edged lacey black knickers, just pulled them aside and rammed his cock right inside me. I yelped at first with pain then with pleasure as he pushed it right to the top. I can take most sizes of dildo and I’ve got one 10" long! Kris easily matched that but he was so much thicker!

My lace edging must have been sandpapering his love wand because after a few long deep thrusts, he pulled out and spun me over onto my back, pulling my knicks down over my long legs and high heeled black patent court shoes.

"You’re nice and tight baby," he gasped hefting his rod in his big hands. I lifted my legs over my head presenting my little star towards him. But he wasn’t going in right away. Bending down Kris’s head disappeared between my thighs as he lapped away happily rimming me. Now I do love a good tonguing, my little fireman started dribbling as my own juices started to flow. Kris reached up and milked me roughly, I’m quite small down there, never was big and the hormones I take make it tinier still!

With Kris’s encouragement I soon had a hard on to my full and slender not very impressive four inches.

"Well, this is certainly a new experience for me." Kris grinned, leaving his rimming to suck my little dickie, sucking contentedly on it. I pushed towards him enjoying his rough tongue teasing my helmet. First one then two of his fingers worked up and into me. he sucking relaxed me.

"Try and put it all in," I gasped. My boobs felt to be on fire and my long pink nipples stood out like guardsmen. I tweaked and pulled at them - "Don’t scoff Dear Reader... so would you if you had boobs!"

I felt Kris pushing his little finger inside to join the three digits already probing my botty. A little more lubrication around my chocolate star and his thumb slipped inside as well.

His head bobbed up and down faster as he sucked my widgy past his tonsils. My love juices sq2uirted out drop by drop with each thrust of his fist inside me. It wouldn’t go in past the knuckles as I’m not that big and I was getting a bit sore so I pulled up and off his hand.

Fisting always makes me desperate to pee. Leading Kris by the cock to the bathroom I sat him on the loo, straddled him and directed a hot jet of wee over his straining cock and hairy balls down into the loo. Satisfied and empty I straddled his legs, lowering myself down onto his hot cock. It slid in easily now I was slippery inside and out.

It’s hard to pee with a hard on, but Kris managed with my encouragement to let go a hot stream inside me. A real golden enema which filled and warmed my insides, then exploded out around his cock and over his legs.

"Good job it’s a tiled floor!" Kris chuckled as I stepped off him, his golden shower still cascading from my bottom. We dried off and rang a few more changes on the bed. Me on top, missionary (boring), another doggie then a long sixty-nine. Kris wanted to finish on my boobs, but oh, I do love to feel hot spunk shooting and pulsing inside me, so we agreed to compromise.

Kris rammed his love lance right in a I lay back legs on his shoulders. On my instructions he pulled out almost to his tip them plunged in again, his long vein ridged cock forcing me apart, hitting my love wall then almost out again. His balls banged my cheeks, the hairs tickling and t4asing.

"Oh my God I’m commmiiinnnggg!!" he yelled.

With one last thrust kris was rooted deep inside me. I felt his balls surge and tense then the first lovely hot surge of his man juice filled me, followed by another and another.

I was squirting for fun myself. Kris grabbed my discarded knicks and mopped up my thin pearly jism as it flowed off my tum, before I wet the bed.

"O.K you can wet my titties now love," I smiled at him. back in the bathroom, I lay in the bath as Kris straddled me. His hot pee almost burning my boobs as he directed his forceful stream from one hard pink nipple to the other, A quick towel dry and we were back on the bed for a grand finale. As I said at the beginning I was amazed he was still hard as he finally pulled out!

I wiped him clean with a few ‘wet wipes’ and as he pulled on his shirt, I sat on the edge of the bed, my bottom red and stinging. bending to take his hot rod in my mouth I gently sucked his bell end blowing, licking and probing his opening with my tongue. A few swift milking wanks rewarded me with a spurt of salty come. Kris finally relaxed his cock softening in my grip and for the first time that visit, pointing towards the floor.

He gave my dickie a playful shake,

"Pleased to have met you, I do hope we’ll see each other again soon" he grinned.

I kissed him goodbye at the door, making a mental note to call in to ‘Boots’ tomorrow, my bottom needed ‘Germolene’ to soothe it. I was sore for three days after, but then no pain no gain as the athletes say!!

More from me another time. In the meantime K & U friends - IF you’d like some of what Kris had or maybe more, drop me a line via Beth or call me on (see mag for phone number) but only if you’re in my area or can travel to me. I’d love to see ya..

Bye for now love Jay.


The End...for now :-)