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A Night To Remember

Mike is one of my best slaves, but he hadn't always been interested in the Dom,'sub 'scene', in fact he knew nothing of his feelings towards such things until one dark and very stormy night.

His car broke down on a country road and after getting saturated and messed up trying to get his car going again he headed for the only visible light, an isolated cottage. The young woman who opened the door to him and welcomed him inside explained that the phone lines were down but he was welcome to stay the night. As the nearest village was several miles away, he gratefully accepted her offer and took shower to clean up while she prepared a meal. "Your clothes are a mess," she informed him while he was still in the shower. "I'll leave out something for you to wear tonight although I'm afraid I haven't any men's clothes. At least you only have to have your meal and go to bed so no-one will see you except for me ' Mike stepped out of the shower to find a long, silky night dress and an equally long towelling dressing gown. He hesitated then shrugged as he put the slippery night dress on, then embarrassed hastily covered it with the bath robe before heading downstairs to join his Hostess in the dining room. She too had changed into a towelling bath robe and looked stunningly attractive in the soft light.

"It's very kind of you to put me up like this," he said, as they finished their meal. "You're very welcome, so long as you put up with my funny little ways," she replied, as she led him upstairs "I only have the one bed, but it's big enough for both of us, if you promise to do as I say" "Of course," he assured her, unable to prevent his cock from rising at the thought of sharing the night with her. She removed his bath robe for him and he blushed as he stood in the silk night dress, then blushed again when she made him lift it up to reveal his throbbing erection. "I'm sorry" he sighed "No problem!" came the matter of fact reply, as she took a large white towel and wrapped it between his legs, creating an over sized nappy. He protested when she pulled plastic pants over the top, but she only smiled and reminded him that he had promised to put up with her 'funny little ways' "You are going to have to wear this," she insisted, holding up a long glossy black rubber mac.

"What? In bed?" he gasped, but she put it on him anyway, fastening it all the way up, before pulling the belt tightly in at the waist. He looked at himself in the mirror and commented on how ridiculous he looked, dressed in a ladies rubber mac, but when she came up behind him and stroked the polished rubber, he soon forgot his objections. "You're going to have to have these on"' she said coyly holding up a pair of handcuffs. "I wouldn't trust any man in the middle of the night." "Tell me this isn't real!" he groaned, as she eased his hands behind him and locked the cold metal round his wrists, then sat him down on the edge of the bed, while she strapped his arms and legs.

"You should be safe with me trussed up like a chicken I just hope I don't snore!" "You won't!" she assured him as she grabbed his head and stuffed a cloth in his mouth, then despite his protests and the desperate shaking of his head, she sealed his lips with wide bands of sticky tape, reducing the protests to an indistinct mumble. "There. I think that will do!" she said with a satisfied smile, as she made him lie down and tucked him up. "The nappies will keep your penis under control and it won't matter if you mess yourself. The mac will stop your sweaty body tainting the bedclothes and the night dress will stop you sweating too much underneath that nice shiny mac." She climbed into bed beside him, and unlike him, in total contrast, she was naked "The Bondage will make sure you don't molest me and the gag should make sure I have a quiet night .

She leaned over him and planted a kiss on his nose. "Sleep well." she giggled and switched off the light.

Mistress Caroline