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"Sonny!" Kevin Wimple shivered in his shoes as the dreaded humiliating nickname crackled over the telephone.
"'Get over here this instant, wimp".
A summons from his vitriolic Mother-in-law was not to be disobeyed by this bridegroom of 24 .Picking his way through the suburban peak traffic, he arrived at Betty Simmons' neat front door and was practically jerked through. He knew Betty despised him and had only reluctantly agreed to his marrying her daughter June .Now' he knew he was in for a tongue lashing.
"Sit there" the divorcee indicated a low pouffe thus putting Kevin beneath her as she perched on the comfortable sofa in her lounge.
"Now then Sonny, June tells me you're quite useless at getting a job, no good at finding a house and as for between the sheets!" Betty curled her lip-sticked mouth contemptuously.
'I .... We..." the hapless son-in-law could only stammer out a few words in reply before noticing that his attractive tormentor had allowed her thin summer frock to slide up her thighs which were slowly opening!
"Well." she smirked. "If you don't pull your socks up, Sonny, I'll have to send her big brother round to concentrate your mind a little better!"
Terrified at the thought of a beating Kevin sweated - the way he was seated he couldn't help seeing that Betty's thighs had opened even more to reveal her shapely legs and stocking tops, for at 50 Betty Simmons was still a desirable. petite woman. Firm breasts, a shining bobbed head of dark hair and long legs that any woman or man would die for.
"Excuse me Mrs Simmons I must go to the bathroom".
"Go on then but hurry back, I haven't nearly finished with you yet!" In truth Kevin didn't want a pee, he was developing a raging horn, and there in the rose scented bathroom was hanging a display of his Mother-in -law's knickers. Feverishly he got out his stiff prick, rubbing furiously as he fondled hand made little directoires in peach satin and blue nylon briefs. Dare he .? he decided against the awful risk of taking down any of the heavenly undies, and instead hurried red faced downstairs to resume his inquisition.
"You've been ages having a pee," Betty observed, keenly studying Kevin's bulge and red cheeks "I hope you haven't been rubbing off on my clean knickers!"
"Mrs Simmons, really"' he replied, by now noticing he could see right up between her scented thighs, past the stocking tops, to the exciting mound of tightly stretched yellow nylon Directoire knickers covering her opening cunt.
"You really are a wimp, Sonny." she told him sarcastically, "and there's only one punishment for wimps. Drop your trousers and pants and get across my lap"
Kevin couldn't wait to do as she ordered .His bare bum on high and his stiff penis trapped between his Mother-in-law's silken thighs, he waited for the blow's to fall, and they did!
Betty was determined to make the young man suffer as she rained hard slaps

down on his quivering buttocks With each slap. Kevin's prick grew hornier and hornier. His Mother-in-law shifted her position to get a better purchase and Oh' heaven his rampant cock became trapped in her knicker elastic and was pressing on the knob of her garter.
The constant rasping against her intimate garments plus Betty's expensive perfume and the musky tell tale scent of her excited cunt all had their inevitable effect on his angry' penis. On the 13th bottom slap he came his lot moaning.
"Oh Mrs Simmons I want to fuck you and smell your knickers"
It was just as well, for him, that Betty also was aroused beyond endurance and had a mind-blowing orgasm too. Between them they saturated her expensive knickers. But there was now a new understanding between Mother-in-law and Son-in-law.
"Well, Kevin, you've filled my knicker leg with your cum I know you love knickers AND having your bottom punished so now I reckon to have you in my power. Same time next week"
She almost asked the question instead of issuing her usual barked directive.
"Yes please," said the newly awakened Kevin, and prepared to go when suddenly Betty's guard dog Bruno, a threatening black Alsation burst into the room growling menacingly at the young man.
"Heel Bruno," his mistress rapped out, "He's a friend" Bruno was not too sure and as Kevin hastily slid out of the front door he noticed the brutish hound had a thumping big red cock as stiff as a truncheon.
Had he stumbled on some dark secret of his sexy Mother-in-law's ??
Poule de Coq K52901,