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Richard read the letter again, Cousin Marianne after all these years. They were twelve the last time they had met. He wondered why she wanted to see him after all this time, all those years without a word then this, an invitation to visit. Now when did she want him to phone, ah yes here it is; 12th March at 9:00p.m.; that was tomorrow. Richard carried on with his normal routine until the time to phone, and then with slight apprehension he picked up the phone and dialled the number. It rang for a short while then a feminine voice answered. "Hello, is that you Cousin Marianne ? Richard here". He said. "Oh Richard how kind of you to be so prompt. I won't beat about the bush, we have been jointly left this house, I don't know why but that's the way it is, can you come down as soon as possible to sort things out?" She said. Richard wasn't working anymore having taken early retirement but he didn't want to seem too keen. "Er let me see now, I'm busy until after the weekend, how would Monday suit you?" He asked. Marianne said that it would be fine. "I shall be coming down by train so could you meet me at the station, I'll drop you a line with the times etc". he told her. "Looking forward to meeting you again Richard after all this time". She said before she put the phone down. Over the weekend Richard tried to recall what she looked like, he searched through some old photos. 'Ah yes' he said to himself, 'here's one of us together' Marianne was sitting on the grass with Richard beside her, quite a pretty girl really but she was sitting rather ungainly, knees up and wide open showing her navy school knickers. It all started to come back to him now, he remembered how he used to look up her skirt, and always trying to see what colour knickers she had on. He had been sexually aware for quite sometime and masturbated regularly. Never more vigorously though as when he had been looking up her skirt and seen her knickers. He wondered what she was like now. Marianne too had been thinking back too, she too had been looking through old photos. My, just look at the way I'm sitting showing my knickers. It was a good job that Richard wasn't interested in sex then. She said to herself aloud. Little did they know at the time, if they had known, well it was a long time ago? Richard had packed a suitcase on the Sunday evening; enough for at least two weeks stay Marianne had been busy too; she had prepared the bedroom next to hers for him. The two rooms had once been one large room but her uncle had divided it so that she could have a more snug and warm room. The partition wall had been made out of floorboards, which had been reclaimed, from building sites. She looked at the wall and remembered a knot hole which she used to pull out and spy through when guests were staying; did the small knot still come out she wondered? Yes it did she found when she tried it. She peered through and could see quite a wide area. "What am I thinking about?" She said out loud laughing under her breath, "Why should I want to peek at Cousin Richard?" On the way down Richard was calm yet quite excited at the prospect of staying in a house with a woman, he had always lived on his own in the past with the obvious freedom that that entailed. For example he didn't have to bother about being dressed all the time, if he wanted to watch a naughty video or look at some men's magazines, then he could. He could also indulge his fetish for female underwear, especially the directoire and french knickers, and the fuller panties, as long as they were silky he loved them.

His collection of these silky garments had spanned several years and he was sad that he had not bothered to pack any. He had thought it prudent to leave them at home, after all what would Marianne say if she saw them in his room? The train pulled into the station five minutes early, he hoped that Marianne would be there. Looking up and down the platform his heart sank, as there was no sign of a lady at all. Just then a man came up to him and asked if he was Mr Richard Peters? He said he was and the man said he had been sent by Miss Marianne to take him to the house. She was busy with a client. On the way to the house he thought 'Client?' as he didn't know what or if Marianne was still working or not. He decided to ask the man what field of work she did. "She's runs a ladies lingerie and corsetry business, mainly for the more mature ladies you understand sir." He said, "Not the kind of lingerie that would excite us though sir." He gibed. That remark made him think; could it be that Marianne sold 'his style' of underwear. They drove right through the town until they came to a large detached bungalow, which had a large driveway. There was a car parked by the front door. The taxi stopped and the driver got Richard's suitcase from the boot. Richard asked how much but was told that it had been taken care of then wished him a pleasant stay and departed. Richard rang the doorbell and waited. He heard a door open inside; some muffled female voices then footsteps. The door was opened by a rather smartly dressed woman of about his own age, smart black skirt, dark tights or stockings, crisp white cotton blouse through which he could see the lacy top of her slip around her ample bosom. She smiled, "Ah Richard, I have been looking forward to meeting you again after all this time." she said cheerily. Then she stepped back and ushered him in. "Leave your suitcase there and come through into the kitchen, the kettle's on. Could you make yourself a cup of tea or coffee while I finish with my client? I won't be too long." As she was about to leave Richard asked if he could use the toilet. "I'll show you where it is dear, come along, this way." She led him down the passage to the bathroom. He noticed that there were two doors opposite the bathroom door. "That's your room there Richard," she said indicating one of the doors, "Unpack if you like while I finish off here." In the bathroom Richard used the toilet, looking round as he did so. On a line above the bath were some pink directoire knickers, stockings, full panties and some slips. He had to feel them. As he did so the silkiness of the garments sent a surge of erotic excitement through his body, his cock started to stiffen rapidly. He just started to rub his foreskin up and down, couldn't resist the urge. 'Later, later' he mumbled to himself then struggled to get his engorged cock back into his underpants. Flushing the toilet he went back to the kitchen and made a pot of tea. While it was brewing he decided to take his case into the bedroom and unpack. He looked round the bedroom, very pleasantly decorated. He particularly liked the partition wall that was made of varnished planks. As he was unpacking he could hear the ladies next door talking quite clearly. Being curious he put his ear to the wall and listened. "I think you'll like these Mrs Knight, they are original rayon directoire knickers." he heard Cousin Marianne saying. His cock stiffened again at the word knickers! "That's it dear, let he help you arrange the leg elastics. Oh yes a perfect fit." His hand had unzipped his trousers and fished out his cock automatically, giving it a gentle rub as he listened.

"I'll take three pairs, those cream ones, a pair of those navy blue ones and of course these delightful pink ones." He heard Mrs Knight tell his cousin, "Will you put my full panties in with the others please, I want to keep these delightful pink knickers on, I feel so sexy in them." Mrs Knight said with a slightly shaky voice. "Right dear, I'll put them on your account and send you it in due course, Said Cousin Marianne. The rustling of clothes told Richard that she was getting dressed ready to leave, he wondered what she looked like. Hurriedly he finished unpacking the case then was about to open the bedroom door when he remembered that his erect cock was still exposed. Living alone had made him a little careless; he would have to be more careful in future. Just as he opened his door so Cousin Marianne opened her door. Oh Mrs Knight, this is my Cousin Richard he's down here for a couple of weeks you know. She said. " Pleased to meet you Richard". Said Mrs Knight. Richard let them go first, he wanted to walk behind them. Mrs Knight was taller, also a little more portly than Marianne. He felt quite horny knowing that she was wearing pink rayon directoire knickers too. Her ample bottom seemed to wiggle invitingly as she proceeded towards the front door, her small parcel in her hand. After she had gone Marianne joined him in the kitchen for a cup of tea, she also made him a sandwich. While she was doing this she was unaware that he was eyeing her up and down, he knew that she wore directoire knickers, the garments in the bathroom told him that, but was she actually wearing them now? Richard was sitting in the rocker chair by the fire and Marianne had sat in the lower armchair. As she crossed her legs his query about her knickers was answered, she was wearing directoire knickers, cream ones. He thrilled at the way the leg elastics were drawn tightly upwards; the welts of her tan stockings were just visible below the elasticated legs. His cock had risen again and was making a bulge in his trousers. He hoped Marianne hadn't noticed. In fact she had, this had excited her too and the cotton gusset of her knickers was becoming quite damp. She wanted to see that cock. Richard too wanted to see inside her knickers, he was curious about her cunt. "I usually have a short nap in the afternoon Richard, maybe you are a little tired after your trip?" She asked. He told her that he was and he would indeed like to lie down for a while. As he closed the door to his room he started to undo the belt of his trousers. Unbeknown to him, Marianne had removed the knot from the hole in the wall and had her eye firmly against it. She could see him clearly as he was standing facing her. His trousers removed he placed them onto the bedside chair, then he took off his tie and shirt. Standing there in just his socks, vest and underpants he was about to get onto the bed but his cock felt uncomfortable being trussed up so he decided to strip naked, after all it was a warm room. Pulling off his vest then his underpants, he stood up and stretched thrusting his hips forward. His cock was still quite erect and his balls heavy, he hadn't relieved himself for three days now. He stood there and started to masturbate his cock, pulling the foreskin right back then up over the purple knob, which was glistening with his juices. Marianne was very turned on by this uninhibited display, her skirt pulled up and her hand inside her silky knickers rubbing her rosebud, causing her juices to flow copiously wetting her smooth hairless cunt lips. Then as Richard dropped onto the bed she lost sight of him. Having now removed her skirt, blouse and full-length slip, she lay on the bed in just her cream directoire knickers, corselette and tan stockings, which were attached to the eight suspenders with their shiny metal clips.

Her hand was inside her knickers gently pushing a finger in and out of her cunt, slowly sending herself to sleep. Richard woke up first bursting for the toilet; he opened the door quietly and listened. Her heard a gentle purring from Marianne's room. 'She's still asleep' he thought to himself. As quietly as he could he entered the toilet and pushed the door to. After he had been he wiped the knob dry, just as he was about to depart he saw those knickers again on the line above the bath. Taking the directoire knickers down he wrapped them around his cock and started to masturbate, his cock was soon bolt hard. For a few minutes he continued then he heard a noise from Marianne' room. Hastily he replaced the knickers onto the line, flushed the toilet and dashed back to his room. Just as his door closed he heard Marianne's door open. 'A close call' he muttered to himself. Marianne had put on a dressing gown and gone into the toilet, she pulled her knickers down around her thighs and sat down. Her pee started to gush into the pan. Looking down she saw the cotton gusset of her tightly stretched knickers between her thighs, a wet stain on it where her juices had soaked in. Having finished she took some tissue and wiped her cunt then stood up. As she did so her eye caught sight of the pink directoire knickers on the line, they were still swinging, unlike the other items which were hanging dead still. "So I did hear Richard in here!" she exclaimed in a low voice. Taking the knickers from the line she inspected them. A wet spot caught her eye; she felt it. It was slippery and certainly wasn't water. Richard had been playing with them. 'His visit could turn out to be very interesting.' She mused. She returned to her bedroom and got dressed then gave his door a knock. "Richard I am making some tea." She shouted. Richard acknowledged her. Back in the kitchen they sat and drank their tea over which they discussed the problem with the house, it had been left jointly to them. They decided that there were four ways to resolve the problem: 1 Richard buy her out and he remain there; 2 Marianne could buy Richard out; 3 they could sell it and split the money; or 4 they could live there together. It needed some thought but what they had seen of each other secretly would obviously play a part in their decisions. After dinner that evening while they were doing the washing up Marianne said, Richard, my finances won't allow me to buy you out, tell me how are your finances?" she inquired. "To tell the truth Marianne, not too healthy. I live in rented accommodation so have no house to sell." He replied. "To tell the truth I don't really want to leave here." She confessed. And the money we would get for it split two ways wouldn't last long." He interrupted. I guess the obvious thing would be to carry on living here together." Marianne said hopefully. "Then it's settled we'll live here together. We are cousins after all, so it won't be a problem will it?" said Marianne jubilantly. Richard agreed. We'll go and see the solicitor tomorrow to sort it all out." Said Marianne. Richard said he would have to give his notice to quit to the council too, he would also have to go and clear up the flat. That night they said goodnight to each other as they entered their rooms, Richard felt good that it was settled, as he wanted it. Marianne was satisfied too; it would be nice to have a man's body to spy on. Richard desperately needed to relieve himself so after stripping off his clothes he stood by the wardrobe mirror and started to masturbate. In this position Marianne could see him clearly, standing there stripped down to her knickers she was fingering her cunt. Richard was rolling the foreskin back and forth slowly, juices dripping onto the floor copiously.

His orgasm approached suddenly, he didn't want it to end so quick but having refrained for so long he couldn't hold it back. The creamy white spunk flew from his cock and splattered onto the mirror and running down it in wide rivulets then dripping onto the wooden floor forming huge pools. He continued to masturbate until his cock softened. After cleaning the spunk up and wiping his cock, he settled down in bed and dropped off to sleep. Marianne had been watching intently but when the spunk had erupted from Richard's cock she too had orgasmed, causing the gusset of her silky directoire knickers to become saturated. She too climbed into bed satisfied. The next day they saw the solicitor and sorted the paperwork out, Richard rang his council and gave them notice of moving out. I'll go up on Friday that will give me the weekend to get things sorted out." He told Marianne. Marianne also had some plans for while he was away. He arrived at his flat on the Friday afternoon and started the task of packing up what he wanted to keep. Then he phoned a house clearance company and arranged for them to call first thing Monday morning. The council were calling around 10:00 a.m. to collect his keys. Over the weekend he went to visit old friends in the area. Monday arrived and everybody who should have turned up did so, the van was loaded and he set off for his new life with Marianne. On the Monday afternoon the van turned up with Richard's effects, he too had travelled down with it. Once unloaded he had settled down to have something to eat and drink. He had disposed of most of his furniture as it would have been surplus to requirements, but he had brought his collection of undies, magazines and videos. He had brought his television and video recorder with him, which he set up in a convenient place in his bedroom. There had been a change to his room while he was away; there was now a large mirror on the wall by his bed. Unbeknown to him Marianne had purchased a special two-way mirror made the knothole on the wall larger to give her a better view. The hole in Marianne's room also had a mirror over it, but this she needed to remove when she wanted to spy on him, It was quite sometime before Richard found out about this, quite by accident incidentally. Marianne had gone into town shopping and would be away for some time, during this time he had decided to have a look around her room, go through her dresser drawers. Seeing the silky garments in her drawers had made him very randy, also he had the urge to try on one of her corselettes having never tried one before. He stripped off and pulled on a corselette, some stockings from her linen basket were soon adorning his legs and fastened securely to the suspender tabs. Taking her used knickers from the linen basket he drew them up his legs, his cock almost exploded as the silky material brushed over it. A full-length slip, blouse and her skirt followed. He liked what he saw in the mirror. 'What does it look like up my skirt?' he thought. He took the mirror off the wall and was just about to place it on the floor so he could stand over it when he noticed the large hole in the wall. He peered through. 'Bloody hell, she can see everything in my room, the sexy bitch'.' he said to himself aloud. 'Right; two can play at that game, I'll replace this mirror with a two-way one as soon as I can. he said laughing to himself. He then got down to the reason for taking the mirror off the wall, placing it on the floor he stood astride it. What a sight; stockings, slip and knickers all visible. What was more interesting to him was the large bulge in the knickers. Lifting the skirt he griped his cock encased in the silky knickers and started to masturbate, the feeling of pleasure was so intense. The material as he rubbed his cock was brushing against his balls sending electric shocks up his spine.

He pulled the leg elastic from his leg and upward, then somehow managed to ease his cock under it. Still looking in the mirror he started to masturbate again. Juices dripping from his cock splattered on the mirror and spreading outwards. His spunk starts to rush up his shaft; he slowed down his strokes his eyes firmly focused on the sight in the mirror. His pleasure was intensified when he saw his spunk eject from his cock in thick jets and splash down onto the mirror. For several minutes he just stood there, legs trembling until his erection subsided. He took off her clothes and replaced them from where he had got them, then cleaned up the mirror and put it back in it's place on the wall. Picking up his clothes he went to his own room and dropped them on the bed then went into the bathroom to wash. He had been dressed and in the kitchen for about twenty minutes when he heard the front door open and Marianne call out for him to help her. Marianne had bought quite a lot of groceries; she also had some large cardboard boxes too in the boot of the car. Richard enquired what was in them only to be told that they were stock items, of no interest to him. The rest of the day was spent doing odd jobs around the house; then Marianne asked if he could help her with some stocktaking. He was glad of something to do. There was another room next to the bathroom the door of which was kept locked, but it was now open and Marianne was inside. Richard went in - it was a storeroom, shelves stocked with clear cellophane packets containing items of ladies underwear; mainly knickers, but there were other boxes with no markings on them. Marianne had a clipboard in her hand, which had some sheets of paper on it. "Right now Richard, if you can start with that pile, count the total number of packages, then tell me how many of each colour there are. The numbers should hopefully tally." She instructed him. He felt very horny handling the packets of knickers, but when they got to the boxes, he had to open each one to check the contents. They were all foundation garments, girdles and corsets. It was getting rather uncomfortable in his underpants as his cock was fully erect and held down firmly by the tight pants, but there was still a large bulge in his trousers, which he hoped Marianne hadn't noticed. Marianne had however noticed it and she too was feeling quite randy, already her knicker-gusset was becoming quite wet. They finished doing the stock-take around 1Q;30 p.m. then went into the kitchen for a cup of coffee before retiring. Richard, I'll leave the storeroom open now that you are here. If you don't mind I'd like you to do me a service. Should any of my clients arrive while I am out and they just want to buy knickers, could you get them from the storeroom and take the lady's name and what she has purchased. I'll leave you a check sheet with some information on, such as size, colour and style etc., it's all pretty self-explanatory really." Richard didn't know what to say; he was thrilled to be asked to do this but somehow a little apprehensive "Time I was in bed." Said Marianne yawning, "I'll just go to the bathroom then leave you to lock up." With that she left the kitchen. At the kitchen door she turned and told him that she would be putting the linen basket in the bathroom so he could put his washing in. Richard waited for some time then went and secured the house, went to the bathroom to clean his teeth and have a pee. The linen basket was there and he couldn't resist the temptation to lift the lid. There on top were the cream directoire knickers she had been wearing that day. 'If I get up early in the morning before Marianne I can replace these if I borrow them for the night' he thought to himself. Taking off his trousers and underpants he then stepped into the knickers and drew them up his legs.

They felt so good; he could feel the warmth from her body and his cock reared up. He dropped his underpants into the basket; then replacing his trousers went to his room. He remembered the hole in the wall behind the mirror, should he leave the light on when he got undressed or turn it off. If he turned it off she might become suspicious. He decided to leave it on after all she had this hole there for a reason didn't she? Slowly he slipped off his shirt and vest, then his shoes and socks, he wanted to keep her waiting should she be spying. Then he undid his trousers and let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them. He looked at himself in the mirror, cock fully erect tenting the silky knickers, a wet patch where his copious juices had soaked into the silky material. With a slow deliberate motion he started to rub his silk encased cock. On the other side of the wall Marianne stood with the light out, eye against the hole watching his every movement. Her hand was inside her clean pink full panties giving her cunt some much-needed attention. She orgasmed twice before she saw Richard's knees start to buckle and he hurriedly pulled the waistband of the knickers down to release his cock, just in time as a thick stream of spunk shot from his knob-hole towards the mirror. Instinctively Marianne pulled back from the hole but soon replaced it to see him finish off his masturbation session. Replacing her mirror she then got into bed and fell asleep with her hand still inside her knickers. Richard meanwhile had cleaned up his spunky mess, put on his dressing gown and had gone into the toilet. Replacing the knickers from where he had found them, he had another pee, washed his sticky cock then went back to bed and slept soundly. The next day he went into the newsagents and bought a copy of Exchange & Mart. Back home he searched through it until he found what he wanted - two way mirrors. While Marianne was out he went into her room and measured the size of glass he needed to replace her glass. The job done he went out and posted the letter. Four days later there was knock at the front door, a delivery van with a package for him. Marianne was a little curious as to what it was but he took it straight to his bedroom and put it in the wardrobe. It was a few days before he had the house to himself, on several occasions Marianne had had clients in her room, he so wanted to see what they got up to. Taking the mirror off her wall he set about replacing the glass then replaced it on the wall and went into his room to test it. A perfect view into Marianne's room. The next day his chance to use it came, it was Mrs Knight again, she was quite a regular visitor. Waiting for a safe period he then went into his room, closed the door and silently removed the mirror from the wall. He peered through. Mrs Knight was stripped down to her underwear, silky full panties over a black girdle, which had eight suspenders on it, attached to her tautly held seamed stockings. Marianne was just in the process of removing her outer clothes but what followed really surprised him. They started to caress and fondle each other, kissing each other hotly while their hands groped their silkily clad buttocks. His cock responded to this delightful exhibition and it was soon being rubbed in his hand, his trousers and underpants down around his ankles. He watched enthralled as Marianne dropped to her knees and started to explore every fold of Mrs Knight's knickers, girdle and stockings, her fingers were groping every detail of the intimate garments. Slowly she eased her fingers into the waistband of Mrs Knight's knickers and slowly drew them down around her thighs leaving then inside out with the damp gusset uppermost.

Mrs Knight's cunt was completely hairless, the plump lips clearly visible to his eager eyes, glistening with her juices. Marianne placed her lips directly onto it and started to kiss it, then her tongue traced up and down her most intimate area. At the apex of her cunt the rose-bud of her clitoris had exposed itself and Marianne wasted no time in getting her lips onto it. Mrs Knight was going wild with desire. Marianne's fingers were slipping in and out of Mrs Knight's cunt as her lips teased her clitoris. One of Marianne's hands slipped between Mrs Knight's thighs and started to probe at her other intimate hole, this sent her into a frenzy of sexual excitement, her hips started to gyrate and she pressed her cunt tightly against Marianne's mouth. Her body shuddered a few times then letting out loud groans and sighs. Her knees collapsed and she fell to the floor. Marianne got up and helped her to the bed where she laid down to recover. Having got dressed Marianne assisted Mrs Knight to dress then left the room. She returned a few minutes later with a packet of knickers, which Mrs Knight put into her bag. After dressing she left with a cheery smile. Marianne went into the kitchen to start on lunch. Richard joined after a short time and they sat and had lunch. There were quite a few visits from clients over the next few days, however they only stayed a short while, just came to purchase new knickers so there were no exciting views to satisfy Richard's lust, he made do with using Marianne's used knickers most nights before going to sleep. Marianne for her part was quite happy to watch his masturbation, even if he was using her knickers. Richard had been into the nearby town one day and came home around lunchtime. Marianne had prepared his meal and had left him a note: "Richard dear, I have to go into the city to get some items. There are no clients due this afternoon, but if anybody does want just underwear, you know where it is. See you sometime after 6:00 p.m. " Richard looked at his watch, 12:40. He'd have plenty of time for some fun this afternoon, be able to enjoy some of the contents of his special suitcase. He ate his lunch and did the dishes. 'Now for some undisturbed silky fun.' He said aloud. It wasn't to be. Having stripped naked he then took his suitcase from the top of the wardrobe and unlocked it. Suspender belt, stockings and some really nice silky full panties would be just fine while he watched one of his videos. The video started he settled back on the bed gently stroking his huge erection through the silkiness of his panties while watching the video. One of a lady exhibiting herself in her silky undies; he was in heaven. The doorbell rang. 'Blast who could that be.' He muttered under his breath. Getting off the bed he slipped on his slippers, then dressing gown, luckily the knickers he was wearing were rather tight so his bulging cock was not conspicuous. Opening the door he found Mrs Knight standing there. "Ah Richard, is Marianne home?" she asked. He told her she was out for the rest of the afternoon, could he help. Oh yes please, I need some more knickers, I'm going away tomorrow unexpectedly. I'll need about five pairs, you know the sort I wear don't you?" she said quite casually. Richard said he didn't know but if she told him the colours and size, which style then he'd get them from the storeroom for her. "I have the style known as directoire dear, the ones with the longer legs. Now as for colours, I think a pair each of pink, light blue, white, cream, navy and lemon should be fine." Richard turned to go to the storeroom. "Oh yes and I'm a size 20/22 dear." She added with a little giggle.

Richard found the required items and took them to the hall where Mrs Knight was waiting. "Here you are Mrs Knight, Marianne will send you the bill later." He said. "Oh I would like to try them on dear, would that be alright?" she asked. "Come this way then." Said Richard leading her towards Marianne's room. To his utter surprise she replied, "Why don't we use your room dear boy, then you can show me what else you are wearing besides stockings." Richard froze, he had forgotten that the stockings would be seen. What should he do? "Please promise you won't tell Marianne if I do." He pleaded. She promised. In his room they shut the door and Mrs Knight sat on the bed. Richard undid the cord around his dressing gown and took it off. He turned round so Mrs Knight could see him. His cock was starting to stiffen and this excited Mrs Knight. "You can watch me try on my new knickers Richard. I think you'll enjoy that won't you?" she said as she got up and started to remove her topcoat. She then took off her blouse followed by her skirt and full-length slip. Richard looked on, his cock now fully erect and his hand stroking it tenderly. Mrs Knight was wearing a lovely lacy bra which was filled with her ample breasts, a wide suspender belt with six straps, to which were attached the welts of her tan stockings. Her knickers were cream directoires, perfectly adjusted leg elastics. The material was shiny but also of a thin nature so her suspenders and the tops of her stockings were visible. She looked at him and smiled. Slipping her fingers into the waist elastic of her cream knickers she slowly pushed them down until they were inside out around her thighs. "Help me to take my knickers off Richard dear." She said sexily. Richard went to her and dropped to his knees, as his fingers touched the silky material of her knickers his cock started to jerk wildly and his juices flowed freely. His eyes were just a few inches from her hairless cunt; the heady aroma of her sex made his head swim Sliding her knickers down her legs so that she could step out of them, he then reluctantly got up, draped her knickers onto the bed and picked up one of the packets containing her new knickers, a pink pair. He opened the cellophane packet and took out the silky garment. Getting back onto his knees and holding the knickers open, Mrs Knight stepped into the legs of them and he started to draw them up her legs. Once in place he adjusted the legs so that they were even, then still on his knees he went round to the back and made sure that the garment was fitted correctly. "Get up dear and I'll parade around for you." she said smiling. He did as he was told. Unbeknown to either of them Marianne had come back, let herself in quietly and was peeking through the hole in the wall, her hand inside her knickers playing with her clitoris. Richard watched Mrs Knight parading around the room, his knickers tented to splitting point, a large wet patch where his knob stretched them. She walked up to him and placed her hand on his cock and gave it a squeeze. She started to push him back towards the bed. When the backs of his stocking clad legs touched the bed he fell backwards and Mrs Knight dropped down on top of him. She squirmed about to get into the position she wanted, his silky knicker clad cock was now between her thighs and she closed them tightly. Her mouth had closed on his and her tongue was darting in and out of his mouth, he responded by bucking up and down in a fucking motion between her silky thighs. She whispered in his ear, "I've not had a man's cock in me since my dear husband passed away some years ago, I want you to fuck me hard." She said with a trembling voice.

Marianne was watching every move, her fingers probing her cunt wildly and her knicker gusset getting wetter and wetter. Mrs Knight got up onto her knees and then pulled the waistband of Richard's knickers down and placed it behind his balls, thereby forcing his balls forward. His cock was bolt upright, the head glistening. For several minutes she took it into her mouth and sucked it lovingly, Richard was in ecstasy. She then stopped sucking, she lowered her knickers so they were stretched tautly across her parted thighs, and she then raised herself up so that Richard's knob was touching her slippery cunt lips. With a sudden downward thrust she impaled herself onto his cock. With a slow controlled motion she went up and down, she wanted to be in charge. Richard was powerless to do anything but lie there and enjoy it. Marianne was close to orgasm and she hoped she could not be heard. The she trembled and shuddered, juices flooded from her excited cunt soaking her knicker-gusset. She didn't stop; she was still watching Mrs Knight and Richard fucking. For twenty minutes Mrs Knight bounced up and down, each time she sensed Richard was near to shooting his spunk she stopped for a while. Then she got to the point of no return herself and couldn't help herself, she bucked about furiously, her whole body racked in sensual pleasure, and her juices flooded out down over Richard's cock-shaft and over his balls. The contractions of her cunt muscles triggered Richard's orgasm and his spunk surged up his shaft bursting out in great powerful jets into her vagina, he didn't stop until his cock started to go limp, then Mrs Knight got off and dropped by his side on the bed. They lay there for quite some time without saying a word. Mrs Knight was the first to move. Getting up she said she needed to go and clean up then get off home. When she came back from the bedroom Richard had taken off all his ladies-undies and put them back into their suitcase. Which was again on top of the wardrobe. He went to wash his cock and balls then went back to the bedroom. Mrs Knight had got dressed and was ready to leave. As quietly as she could Marianne had tidied herself up, then made her way to the front door, she opened it and then shut it too with a thud. "Richard dear, I'm back." She shouted. Richard and Mrs Knight were just coming down the passage as Marianne met them. "Ah Marianne dear, Richard has been a dear and got me some new knickers, send me your bill dear." She said to Marianne. You know dear, Richard is quite a dear, very helpful indeed." Marianne knew how helpful he had been having witnessed it. That evening Richard and Marianne watched TV, chatting about various things. Around 11:00 Marianne said she was tired and was going to bed, Richard too was tired. After locking up he went to the toilet then into his bedroom, undressed and got into bed. Marianne was watching and was quite disappointed because he hadn't taken her knickers as he usually did. She went to sleep with her hand inside her knickers fingering her cunt until she dropped off. In the morning when she woke she thought to herself, "I'm going to enjoy having Richard here." Little did she know that Richard was thinking the same thing that very minute right next door?