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  • June 5th 1998: Mark: my reply to your query about Erysichthon has been returned as undeliverable. Was your address correct?
  • Apologies to anyone who's been trying to email me during the last two weeks (May 22 - June 7 1998 - my modem had to be replaced, and the emails piled up: all replies should be out by June 8th.
  • Apologies to anyone trying to access the Classics Pages yesterday or today (October 7th 1997) - Globalnet have been installing a new server and ran into problems.
  • *IMPORTANT* The Classics Department of the Australian National University is under threat of closure. I've been asked by a former pupil of my school to muster support against this act of vandalism. Letters of protest should be addressed to the Chancellor (Prof Peter Baume AO, School of Community Medicine, University of NSW 2052) or other members of the council. Or simply email your protest to the Vice Chancellor, Professor R. Deane Terrell. More details of the campaign can be had from the Campaign Organiser Claire Bowern. [September 3 1997]
  • Robert (Alex Lefkos) - my reply about Creon was returned as undeliverable. Try again - or just check out my Creon Page [July 30 1997]
  • Wayne Chapman: emailed you a reply to your query about Alexander the Great - returned today as undeliverable. Do try again [May 11 1997]
  • Les : posted reply you your question on Delphi 25 Feb: mail could not be delivered.
  • Jeniba : answer to your question on Oedipus and Creon posted on 14 February, but returned address unknown. Try again if you still need it.

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