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1 February 2007
The first update in nearly a year: this is because I've been "translating" Antony Kamm's popular best-seller The Romans into web format. This is now complete - and should be visited at once at The Romans is virtually a separate website - although it shares the Search facility with the Classics Pages. Besides well-written text covering history from the foundation to the end of the empire in the west, you'll find hundreds of original illustrations, timelines for most of the key players, and a selection of interactive quizzes.
12 February 2006
First update for some time, but a big one. I've added what amounts to a complete site on Sicily - my personal take on most places on the island. You can navigate witha gazetter, a clear map, or just follow my tour. There are also numerous small updates throughout the site.
20 October 2005
Minor tweaks around the site - noticeably on Classic Cars.
24 June 2005
New page for reviews of Greek dramatic productions I've seen. This stems from a visit to Syracuse, Sicily in May for the 41st Ancient Drama Festival (Teatro Greco, Siracusa) for Antigone and Seven Against Thebes - and to the 11th Festival Internazionale di Teatro Classico dei Giovani, at the Greek Theatre in Palazzolo Acreide (ancient Akrai), for Bacchae, Lysistrata and Cyclops.
1 April 2005
Added a web game based on Euripides' Bacchae, together with some discussion on the play in performance, and its interpretation.
13 March 2005
Beginning of a new section on Architecture The idea is that anyone can study the basics of Greek architecture in their own town or village. Still under development, but there's a quiz to help you master the technical terms.
3 March 2005
New page collecting together the various Games (Odyssey, Oedipus, Lysistrata etc) on the site. Also a brand new quiz - the Really Hard Classics Quiz. Please try this out, and let me know how you get on.
24 February 2005
My new translation of Aeneid Book 1 had been added. As an experiment, notes can be accessed by mousing (not by popups, though). Those not using Explorer 6 may not get the full effect. The appearance of the text is not affected, and it will print out normally.
10 February 2005
Brief notes on Electra added ( in response to G who needed to impress a date!). Updated Links - now the Top Twenty has become the Top 22 with the addition of Nuntii latini: all links checked and changed where necessary.
17 January 2005
Minor updates and corrections, in particular to Classic Cars and Cliches
29 November 2004
Added the beginnings of notes and a commentary for Greek Harry Potter. It will be expanded gradually.
17 November 2004
Added a Greek- English lexicon/vocabulary for Greek Harry Potter - it covers only the earlier chapters so far, but should prove useful to anyone trying to read the text. To use it you will need to download the Ancient Greek font SPIonic: full details on the page. Go directly to the Greek - English vocabulary if you already have SPIonic. I have removed the automatic email links throughout the site - my daily dose of Spam was becoming unacceptable (450 average). Please do still email me - the email links will now take you to a page explaining how you can cheat the spammers.
5 June 2004
Uploaded some new pages on Aristophanes' Peace: memories of my production in 1973, notes and reading guide, and an essay on War & Peace in Athens.
15 April 2004
Added some entertaining letters to the correspondence page. The Greek Harry Potter page now shows Greek words in Greek (if you have Windows 2K or XP) - if not you can download the appropriate font (details on the page).
6 April 2004
Updated the Classic Cars page; added a new page on Oracles. Also a page for Sporting Quotations - please add suggestions.
4 April 2004
New page for Tiresias added to the "Oedipus Complex"
30 March 2004
Detached all history of the site before 2004 and parked it on a new page - What's Old? I realised that this page had become so huge it was actually one of the slowest-loading on the site.
23 March 2004
The Classics Pages are 10 years old - the first tentative pages were uploaded in March 2004, using an Acorn Archimedes (what's that? See Acknowledgments page). To celebrate, the site has a new look throughout: navigation should be simpler with the box on the left on all major pages. The symbol 4 means that there are more pages linked to that one. I've also updated most of the external links, and generally tidied up. There are now approximately 1000 pages on the site.
4 March 2004
Additions to "Benefits of a Classical Education" page (Chris Martin of Coldplay and Baroness Susan Greenfield). Highly entertaining recent article from Economist on the renaissance of Latin in Press Cuttings.
24 February 2004
Aristophanes finally gets his page, after numerous requests. The Lysistrata Game is there to try out. Like Bill Hicks', Aristophanes' comedy was always in deadly earnest - and killingly funny.
17 February 2004
Pottermania latest: I've opened a new page to help explain what's been going on, and provide up-to-date information. The publication date is now July 2nd, but you can order in advance from Amazon (with 30% off - an offer no one could refuse!). Details on Harry's Page
3 February 2004
Front  Page of Beds on Sunday 2 Feb 2004 Found myself on the front page of Bedfordshire on Sunday, the local newspaper, last week. This was the result of a chance encounter in the Wellington Arms with an old pupil, Raz Stewart, who's on the editorial staff. Harry P mania is out of all control: I'm sure it will break all records for Ancient Greek translations of children's books (have there been any others?). You can read the article here: Publication is now scheduled for July 2004.

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