History of the site

The earliest pages on this site date from 1994. I'm celebrating my tenth anniversary with a redesign. The site should be simpler to navigate. Every page can now be printed out directly - the version you print will be optimised for printing, and will give you an excellent result on most A4 printers.

I have used all the following programs or tools at some stage in designing these pages:

The original pages were written using an Acorn A440/1 machine using HTMLEdit from RComp and Draw, Paint, Revelation, Art Works, WebGif2, InterGif. Odyssey and Agora were originally written using Genesis Professional. Now all probably extinct, like the marvellous Acorn machines.

In 1996, I acquired my first PC and the site has been hosted ever since by Globalnet: with few problems except for the threat to shut us down when the Caecilius page had 30,000 hits in a day after we made the front page of the Times newspaper in February 2000.

I now have a web development company ( - and tend to use Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, JASC Paint Shop Pro. Apart from discreet use of CSS (cascading style sheet), I have resisted the urge to "modernise " the site, however - I think most visitors like it the way it is. Those who explore the furthest recesses of the site, though, will undoubtedly come across most internet technologies: a great deal of javascript operates discreetly behind the scenes.

Most of the images on the site are mine. If I have inadvertently infringed someone's copyright, I apologise and will remove the offending item when requested.

Webbed Feat Ltd

Here - for archival interest mainly! - is a selection of the various "awards" which sites used to give each other in the good old days.

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