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Ancient History of the Site

This is the "What's New?" archive - a history of how the site developed from itstranfer to PC in 1997 up to 2003 (it had already existed elsewhere - since 1994 - but no records survive from this period!).What's actually new can be found (curiously enough) on the What's New page.

18th October 2003
Apologies for lack of activity - mainly due to pressures of real work (some at St Peter's or Merchant Taylors will know what I mean!) Updated translation of Aeneid 2, after a kind correspondent pointed out that it stopped 100 lines or so before the end of the book. This translation, by the way, was selected for broadcast on BBC Radio 3 last summer, in a series they ran with readings from works relevant to the current prom season (in this case the performance of Berlioz's Les Troyens). It was beautifully read by Stephen Hough. Harry Potter is moving towards publication - no date available yet.
15th February 2003
Finished the Ancient Greek Harry Potter at beginning of January - but I have had only a little time to spend on the Classics Pages. I've gone through the site checking and repairing all external links - a tedious task, but one that has to be done periodically.
5th November 2002
Responded to pressure to get the Iliad Game working again properly - it was designed to use several features which MS no longer support in the latest versions of their browser. Apologies for lack of new stuff over the last few months - I'm still working on my Ancient Greek translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for Bloomsbury Press.
22nd May 2002
News update on the Catterick skeleton
14th January 2002
Atlantis is topical again - I try once more to dampen enthusiasm!
8th January 2002
Added my translation of Virgil Aeneid Book 4 (Dido and Aeneas); several updates to the news page, and a new presscutting on "Filthy Britten".
1st January 2002
Additions to Varro's Page - welcoming the euro. Why did they call it that?
26th December 2001
Additions to Varro's Page - car names: why do they want to be associated with the ancient world of horses and carts?
16th December 2001
Lucian's Page: another completely new section: my translation of Lucian's "A True Story". This is the world's earliest SF (160 AD), and includes the story of the first lunar landing. Homer meets Douglas Adams.

7th December 2001
Sappho's Page: a completely new section for Greek poetry. It will try to introduce you painlessly to reading Greek in the original - and you can hear an approximation to the ancient sounds

1st December 2001
Recoded and speeded up the Antigone Game. Added a page to Orbilius' Pages for teachers - about the good old days of Messrs North, Hillard, Botting and co.

29 November 2001
New look for the Odyssey Game. Glabrous chests and other stories on the News page.

18 November 2001
A completely new addition - the Medea Game. An interactive challenge for those who know, or think they know, or would like to know Euripides' Medea. Also some discussion of the play. Additions to News.

10 November 2001
Additions to News and Benefits of a Classical Education

6 November 2001
A new look to the entire site. New Iliad page added as an introduction to the Iliad Game - which I've checked over exhaustively.

28 October 2001
Updates, corrections and additions (especially pictures) all over the site: added J K Rowling and the singer Dido to the beneficiaries of a Classical Education

17 October 2001
Trireme names. A new page - why do Athenian warships all have feminine names? A most extaordinary glimpse into an unexplored area of Athenian life.

12 October 2001
The Cambridge Latin Course site is now under new management - visit it at The original games and entertainments can still be found though, hiding in a corner of the Classics Pages - go here.

2 February 2001
An even longer interval since last time - but at last I've fixed the Search facility, which never seemed to work properly with Netscape. The new facility is faster and better - although we were getting around 1000 queries a week with the original one.
18 June 2000
First update for rather a long time: I'm sorry. There's a new page for Sulpicia, the only woman in Rome whose poems survive - she also features on the news page - together with stories about Pompeii, and other archaeological stories. I've been very busy designing the new website for JACT - the Joint Association of Classical Teachers, which was handed over to its new owners in May. Things have also been rather lively on the Cambridge Latin front - see details on There are also changes on the Top Twenty links.
6 January 2000
We finally made it to MM! My cue to remove the irritating counter from the start page - it's been generating somewhat random numbers for some time.
15 December 1999
Final Elgin Marbles item (!) and a couple of news stories. Added a new section to Varro's Page entitled "Rude Latin". I'm frequently asked to supply insults or endearments in Latin - so here are a number from Plautus to be going on with! (Nothing obscene - you need to go to Catullus or Martial for that).
12 December 1999
Only one trivial news item, I'm afraid. I have lost interest in the Elgin Marbles saga - and won't be giving any more updates on this unless there's something really dramatic (like deciding to return them to Athens!). The attempts to make something out of the hiring out of the Duveen Gallery for a dinner was pathetic: the Natural History Museum was recently let to Elton John for his 50th birthday - no dinosaurs were harmed. The Search Engine is a great success - and as all keywords searched for are logged, it will give me valuable information for updating the site.
12 November 1999
At last I've found a suitable Search Engine to use on the site - somewhat necessary as there are now 730 pages out there! Click on the search icon above, and simply enter your keywords when the search page appears. Sorry about the adverts - hopefully you are conditioned to ignore them completely!
4 November 1999
Sorry about the long interval since the last update: I've given up the day job, started some part-time University lecturing, and founded a Web Design company - Webbed Feat Ltd. I've also been busy as Webmaster for the Cambridge Latin Course site - But there are several news items (not as new as they should be, I fear). I've also started tweaking the design so it should eventually look better on those who have one of the new larger monitors.
27 July 1999
Two additions to the "uses of a Classical Education" - the first for a year, I was shocked to discover.
27 July 1999
Updates to news : stories on GCSE, Greek Homosexuality, Volcanic wine, and the Etruscan language. The Classics Bookshop was selected at the beginning of August for the award of "Affiliate of the Week" by Barnes and Noble (out of 180,000 affiliates!) Check it out if you haven't yet visited it.
20 July 1999
Updates to news : stories on Archimedes, Nero and the Phoenicians.
20th June 1999
Updates to news (several items), to Antigone (piece about Nelson Mandela as Creon) and to Varro's page on Words (nuts!)
2nd June 1999
Updates to news. Items on new mummies in Egypt, how rats destroyed the Roman Empire, and a new vase by Euphronios.
13 May 1999
The Antigone Game has now been added to the "Oedipus Complex". It's rather different from the Oedipus Game - and will only work, I'm afraid on new-ish browsers (NS 3+, MSIE 4+). I hope you find it entertaining and useful.
10th May 1999
Three new news items.
16th April 1999
A couple of news items - including the exciting coffin-opening in London
20th March 1999
The Bookshop has been a worthwhile innovation. Classicists are always searching for second-hand and out of print books, and we (courtesy of Barnes & Noble!) have over 6,000,000 of them. Thanks to Bob Fisher for sending me a leader from the LA Times on the "New Stoicism" - it's on the presscuttings page. For those who use the floating navigation bar, it's been updated and changed. You can now use it to find any page quickly (but it's just as easy to use the sitemap or just go back to the main index page).

For Classics Teachers: I've recently taken over the Cambridge Schools' Classics Project website. Please check it out at the new url

1st March 1999
The Bookshop is going well - I've now added a Music Shop (any CD you want, usually available within 24 hours, and at a hefty discount). I'll be featuring my sort of Music (one can't be Classical in everything!) - but you can use the facility to order anything you like (and videos as well). Apologies to those who disapprove of the commercialisation of the Classics Pages - but keeping it all running does cost money.
18th February 1999
Article added to Varro's Page on the why Latin is no longer legal. Geeks with version 4 browsers might like to check out a few DHTML additions on the early pages of the Iliad.
14th February 1999
New for Valentine's Day (just): Eros' Page. Discussions on love in the ancient world - and (this you must see!) a retelling of Cupid & Psyche with illustrations. Cupid & Psyche needs Frames - sorry! If you're browsing with IE4, you'll get a surprise when you load up Eros' Page!
8th February 1999
The Classics Bookshop is now open! We are affiliated to the renowned booksellers Barnes & Noble, who will process your order and despatch the books. Most are heavily discounted, and are usually sent off within 24 hours. They have a most impressive selection of Classics books in stock, plus a vast selection of used and out-of-print books. (You can also use the facility to search for or order books on any other topic imaginable) They also handle software and magazines. Check it out now!
1st February 1999
New addition to the Oresteia Page - trying to answer the old question of Agamemnon's guilt and responsibility for what happens to him.Also new news, as usual, and there's now a new URL that should take you directly to the oracle page. You just type in in the address box in your browser and you'll be whisked straight there.
21st January 1999
New addition to Medea's Section on Women in the Ancient World, about Pandora and her box. There's also a new presscutting - an entertaining gaffe by Olympic Airways - and another addition to Varro's page on words.
11th January 1999
Not much new for the new year yet - just some snippets of news and an update on favorite names in 1998. There's plenty of new stuff in the pipeline, though.
1st November 1998
Quite a few additions.
12 September 1998
Several people have asked whether I can add some way of scoring the Oedipus Game. The best I can do at the moment is to add a clock: this will inform you (if you are interested) how many seconds it took you to finish. Useful, I hope, for those using the game with a class.
6 September 1998
Much behind the scenes work to accelerate download times: even the Slideshow should now be pretty brisk. Graphics should now average no longer than 5-6 seconds on a 28.8 modem.
News for Classicists in the Bedford Area (UK): the programme of talks and visits for the coming Autumn Term is now published. The theme is Greek Theatre, and includes visits to Oedipus and Trojan Women, and talks by me (Oedipus and the Riddle of the Sphinx) and Lorna Harwick of the OU. Book early for the trips.
27 August 1998
The Start Page has been completely redesigned: the "Temple with Lake" was much beloved by many visitors, I know (you can still revisit: click here). But having tried to access the Classics Pages from various library computers, I realised how slow and tiresome it could be - as well as the risk of the Java crashing your machine.
29 July 1998
From 5th to 11th July, I was attached to Jesus College, Oxford (with access to all Oxford libraries). The task I set myself was to discover why Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannus needs a supernatural monster in the plot. I've always found it easy to accept witches and ghosts in Shakespeare - but the Sphinx seemed completely out of place in Sophocles. The new Sphinx Page provides some answers, I hope.
30 June 1998
The Classics Pages have finally made it to Yahoo! We're listed under Arts.Humanities.Classics. In recognition, I've added a direct link to Yahoo! on the main links page.
29 June 1998
Added a new page to Medea's Page: the tragic tale of Echo, the (s)talker. Thanks to those who have already signed up on the Mailing List.
25 June 1998
Added a feature to several pages (This one, the Main Index, and the Oracle) that allows anyone who wants to to add their name to my mailing list. You'll be notified when there's any major update, and maybe receive other bits and pieces from time to time. You are guaranteed that the list won't be used for any other purpose! If you like the site, and want to know when it's worth coming back, sign up.
21 June 1998
The Oedipus Game is now installed - test your knowledge of the play and its interpretation
19 June 1998
New items of News: in particular the so-called "Elgin" marbles are causing trouble again. Watch this space for info about the Oedipus Game, which is nearly ready: apologies to those who tried to follow a dead link to it!
9 June 1998
There's now a much easier way of finding or returning to The Classics Pages. Just type in "" (without the quotes) and you will be wafted straight there! The new address is although, as the old address will continue to function, there's no need to alter bookmarks.
8 June 1998
A new addition to the Oedipus "complex": a discussion as to whether Oedipus was ever actually "King" (or Rex) Several new News items. Addition to the Benefits of a Classical Education. Corrected some more bugs in the Iliad program (Achilles' Page) - do please try it out, especially if you are browsing with Explorer 4. It should now work perfectly in MSIE 4!
14th May 1998
News items. Corrected some bugs in the Iliad program (Achilles' Page) - please try it out (best with Explorer 4).
21 March 1998
News items (Chariot Racing, Sculpture, Win a seat in the House of Lords), and two additions to the Benefits of a Classical Education. Thanks to Kat at the Circle of the Muses (and Bob Fisher at Bulfinch Mythology for the Inspiration Award.
7th March 1998
News items (Iliad, Bronze Age Saunas, Acropolis, Rome fresco etc)
4th February 1998
A few adjustments to the Iliad (Achilles' Page) - thanks very much for feedback received. More small items of News, and a comment on the top names for 1997 on Varro's Page.
31st January 1998
The full Iliad (over 200 new pages) is now up and running. It will now work on both Netscape Navigator and MSIExplorer - but only Version 3 or above. It actually works best on MSIE4 - but it should perform adequately on the other browsers! Please report any problems, as this is a complex and experimental addition to The Classics Pages. I'd be especially grateful for reports from anyone using it on a Mac. Certain things will still be better using MSIE. Try it out now
29th December 1997
Sorry for the long wait since the last update. I've been working on an interactive version of the Iliad, which can now be found on a brand-new Achilles' Page. I'm quite pleased with it, but would welcome feedback, comments or corrections! Unfortunately, for technical reasons it will only work if you are browsing using MSIE 3.0 or above on a PC with Windows 95. Apologies to those who will feel excluded.
19th November 1997
Updated the letters page - every month or so I publish a selection of emails and my replies - today Tragic Flaws, Contraception and the Minotaur..
18th November 1997
Another new page - Pausanias' Page on ancient sites now has one on the Olympic Games - ancient and modern. It's not a description or guide to the site - but tries to handle the controversial aspects of the Olympics in an interactive way. You need Netscape2 or Explorer3 to handle the Java..
4 November 1997
Plato's Page is now online - at the moment it's mainly about the Republic, but will soon contain features on Gorgias and the Atlantis myth. This is a major addition to the site, with 50 or so new pages including pictures and sound. Best viewed with FRAMES - but possible without. Also some recent news items on Herodotus' Page.
19 October 1997
New material on Catullus' Page about how Latin poetry sounded - with audio. Added review of The Odyssey movie to the Press Cuttings page. It's funny.
16 October 1997
New Page on the Oresteia (it will grow from here) as requested by P Thompson (If you don't see what you want, just ask!). Also news of the row over the museum in Athens for the "Elgin Marbles", and my last word on Hercules (the movie) - on Herodotus' Page.
October 1997
Added a link on Oedipus' Page to the complete words of Tom Lehrer's "Oedipus Rex" - on Geoff's suggestion. It's still funny, although it's about 40 years since I first heard it.
6th October 1997
Check Varro's page for details about the Vatican's Dictionary of Modern Latin - if you ever wanted to know the Latin for UFO, slalom or stripper, look no further.
25th September 1997
Check news page for stories on Atlantis, and an ancient spin-doctor. The Yahoo! button on the front page now links to the actual review of The Classics Pages in Yahoo Internet Life Magazine.
10th September 1997
New addition to Medea's Page - the myth of Diana and Actaeon (suggested by what are now known as "the events of last week" - especially the speech in Westmister Abbey by Charles, Earl Spencer).
4th September 1997
There's a rather cunning new picture on the Main Page (if you're browsing with Netscape 2 or MSIE 3) - have a look if you missed it by coming on to the site by some other route. Of course the Temple of Concord at Agrigento, Sicily, is not in fact next to a lake - unfortunately: but I thought it looked pretty! If you want to see it properly, go to the <"myslideshow.htm">SlideShow (NS2 or MSIE3 required).
2nd September 1997
I've added a comprehensive Site Map which will help in navigating what is now rather a large and complex site. The ordinary Navigation Bar on each page now has a direct link to the Site Map. It will also help first time visitors get some idea of the scope of the Classics Pages.
Another innovation is a Letters Page, which can be accessed from the Index Page. A selection of your emails will be published here (anonymously of course!) with my replies. I'll change them every month or so.
Finally - anyone with an interest in preserving Classics in Australia should go to the messages page without fail.
26th August 1997
A completely new page added - this will be Varro's Page, and will discuss meanings and usage of English words derived from Greek or Latin. First word is "Oasis" (topical?). Varro's Page also has links to Classical Word Games - currently an online playable WordSearch for Gods and Goddesses.
21st August 1997:
A new Catullus poem (Quaeris quot mihi basiationes) with the full audio-visual treatment can be found on Catullus' Page. Thanks to Elizabeth, whose request prompted me into action! Also check Herodotus
8th August 1997:
At last there's a new Top of the Pots! Previous material has been relegated to a new page. There are three excellent new News stories - don't miss them.
5th August 1997:
A few improvements to the new Vase Painting material - and a news item. The site has apparently got a favorable mention in Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine (September).
3rd August 1997:
A very large amount of new material on Athenian pottery and Vase Painting has been added. It can be accessed though Exekias' Page or Archimedes' Page - as it has to do with technology as much as art. There is also an addition to Medea's Page - Lysias on the possibilities for adultery.
30th July 1997:
A new Page has been added for Ancient Technology - Archimedes' Page. At the moment it covers the technical basis for Athenian success - their extreme competence in Mining and Shipbuilding. Also check the News.
26th June 1997:
Major addition to Pausanias' Page: a new page on ancient Sparta - with thumbnails from which a fullsized image can be accessed (images are about 45k in size). See the tomb of Helen and Menelaus, the Temple where Spartan youths were flogged to death and much more! Also look at the latest news to find out about Mummy's new head.
24th June 1997:
Programme for next year's Bedford Schools Classical Association is now available.
23rd June 1997:
Major addition to Orbilius' Page (Teachers' Resources): this is the "Maths-Classics Project" - an unusual example of cross-curricular work between Classics and Mathematics. The purpose is to provide a focus for exploring the Classical origins of Mathematical terms and concepts - aimed at Year 8 students, many of whom will have completed their one and only year of Latin. An English dictionary and some help from Classics/Maths teachers is all that's needed - we've found that pupils respond extremely positively to the challenge, and some quite stunning work has been created.
19th June 1997:
New additions to the Latin Poetry section - it now includes Propertius, Elegy 1 - with a translation I wrote some time ago. Pictures and help with the Latin will be added later. I've also added a page on Cassandra to the "Women's Page" (Medea's). This is partly in response to mild protests from a correspondent who believes that I have been maligning her (Cassandra that is) on the Aeneid 2 page. Also check out Herodotus' Page for a review of a brilliant new book (Courtesans and Fishcakes).
9th June 1997:
The News Page has now split into two, with the Press Cuttings on their own page. There are several new items.
21st May 1997:
More space for expansion: I have acquired another 6 megabytes, from which you will gradually see the benefit. A new addition to the Oedipus pages - a page which discusses the actual site of the murder of Laius (with picture) - the Oedipus Crossroads. Also two new additions to the Press Cuttings on Herodotus' page.
12th May 1997:
A new page - for Greek sculpture. The Art Page (Exekias' Page) will now offer you a choice of Painting or Sculpture. The current sculpture is a unique view of Greek womanhood. Also additions to Herodotus' Page, and some excellent new links.
6th May 1997:
Check two new stories on Herodotus' Page - both on keeping your marbles!
29th April 1997:
Addition to Catullus' Page: Catullus Poem 5 (vivamus, mea Lesbia, atque amemus) is now online. Make sure Java and Images are enabled, and prepare for a new experience!
23rd April 1997:
Orestes : a new Euripides play - complete - in my translation as performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Also additions to the Oedipus pages, and news items.
20th April 1997:
Catullus' Page - a completely new "page" added. This will have poems in Latin with cunning aids to understanding and enjoying them - needs a Javascript aware browser to get the best out of it, though. (Netscape 2.0, MS Internet Explorer 3.0). Online today is Horace Odes 1.5 (Pyrrha).
17th April 1997:
Addition to the Oedipus Pages - a discussion of the intriguing role of the "Old Shepherd" has been added.
15th April 1997:
Major cosmetic changes throughout the site. I have completely redesigned the Classics Pages, eliminating all but the smallest inessential graphics to boost loading speed. Every major page now carries a navigation bar, and the floating navigator is available from nearly anywhere (and it will now work with MSInternet Explorer as well as Netscape. You can also ignore the graphically overloaded Index Page almost completely if you want to. I shall now be able to concentrate on improving and updating content!
5th April 1997:
New Virgil Pages - the old ones revamped, with a complete brand new hypertext version of Aeneid 6 added. You can have text, vocabulary and notes all on the page at once - with translation there when you want it. Or you can read it all in translation - try it out!

Also a new addition to Oedipus' Page - Sophocles the man.

2nd April 1997:
Two additional pages added to the Oedipus Pages - one on Creon and one on Ismene. No fewer than five news stories made the UK Press over the Easter weekend - from Masada to Agamemnon's face; from the new Hippocratic Oath to the paintings of Alma-Tadema - it's all on Herodotus' News Page.
25th March 1997:
There is an experimental Slide Viewer showing pictures of the Temples at Agrigento in Sicily. Don't try it unless you have Netscape 3.0 and a fast modem (or are very patient). The slides scroll automatically, and it is the sort of unnecessary flash techno-wizardry that I just despise!
24th March 1997:
Penelope is ready! By popular demand, you can now choose to be Penelope in the Odyssey Game. For Odyssey experts looking for a challenge, it is seriously recommended - you'll find it is much harder being Penelope than Odysseus or Telemachus. You will need Netscape 3.0 or Explorer 3.0. [For anoraks: this is because I've used Javascript to make it work much faster]
Also check the news page for Elvis in Latin.
21st March 1997:
More new news - Oedipus in Greek, Portaits from Roman Egypt, The English Patient. Keep an eye on Herodotus' Page. I'm working on introducing Penelope as a third character to choose for the Odyssey Game. Have you tried it yet? It is possible to get to the end, as several recent emails have shown. (Well done, Lydia!)
9th March 1997:
New news - theory about end of Bronze Age civilisations in Greece and elsewhere. See Herodotus' Page.
7th March 1997:
Added Aeneid Book II (in my own translation) to Virgil's Page. There is a link to virtually every person, place or other item of interest, which, if you have a Browser with FRAMES will display instantly alongside the text. You can also go straight to any particular section using the line references at the top. There's a non-Frames version too.
1st March 1997:
Plucked up courage to add a counter - pleased to find 70 visitors in the first 24 hours. A few additions to the index page, and an alternative index page for those without graphics, tables, flash uptodate browser, fast modem etc. The new index looks good, but you may prefer to get down to business quicker with the good old one! (If so, bookmark it so you won't get the heavy graphics every time you return.) There's also a new Header Bar on the Index Page - with details about myself (very little given away!), acknowledgements to programs and websites I've found useful, and a "Messages" section, where I will post messages for people whose email has been returned to me undelivered (in case they think I've just ignored them!).
27th February 1997:
Completely redesigned Index Page which you must have already seen - I hope you like it: it needs the graphics to appreciate it properly! The Agora section of Pausanias' Page is now fully operational - all links are working. I shall extend it into the Kerameikos shortly.
23rd February 1997:
Most of the basic links on Agora are working - but there is quite a lot still to add. It's worth checking the news and gossip (Lucian's Page) regularly - and there is a novel addition to the Uses of a Classical Education!
18th February 1997:
Added a page for Jocasta which contains an interesting angle on her role in the play. There is also the beginning of what will be a large interactive page on the Agora at Athens (the ancient civic centre). If you visit it you won't find much more than a map at the moment: it will gradually become active over the next few days.
17th February 1997:
Added Euripides' Phoenissae (Phoenician Women) in HTML format. Also, Euripides now has the beginnings of a page of his own, with links to the downloadable texts of Helen and Phoenissae.
13th February 1997:
What's new? Well, this bit is - and I've also added a link on one of the Orbilius Teachers' Resources page to an excellent mythology site, Bob Fisher's Bulfinch's Mythology.
7th February 1997:
Queries have averaged about 3 a day since I moved - varying from University students to an 8 year old boy in New Zealand (Hi Jim!) who wanted to find out how to write his classmates' names in Greek. So far I've been able to answer everything more or less immediately - although a request to compare Greek, Jewish and Maori creation myths did send me to the reference books.
7th February 1997:
Completely rewrote what used to be the Search Page - now pretentiously titled the "Oracle of Loxias". Added some hints for Perseus users, and made a menu of areas in which I am happy to be questioned. Hope I shall not be swamped! Added a few silly Java embellishments (apologies for the "music" when you access the Odyssey - I hope to be able eventually to learn enough Java to be able to write more interesting interactive applications. Meanwhile, if you are reading this with a Java enabled browser, you can be irritated by the blinking text at the top - if not, you are not missing anything!
4th February 1997:
Additions to Herodotus' Page - recent news items - including Amazons in Central Asia and Murdered Babies in Israel.
2nd February 1997:
Additions to Oedipus' Page - discussion of Antigone added.
27th January 1997:
Within hours of uploading the Odyssey someone emails to say they've completed it (and also to point out a couple of dead links - thanks Lynette!)
27th January 1997:
Finally finish the Odyssey Game - it now runs to well over 100 pages, but as they are mostly very small it runs much faster over the web than from the Hard Disc of my old computer. There's now the option of choosing to be Telemachus or Odysseus.
16th January 1997:
Need not have worried! First email arrives safely (it's a very pleasant one, too)
15th January 1997:
The Classics Page takes up residence here in its new site hosted by Globalnet. Will anyone find us?


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