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You are sitting on the slope of the Acropolis in Athens, with several thousand other men (no women allowed). Some you know from your village, some are Athenians from the city but there are foreign visitors too. It's early morning. The sun hasn't yet come up over Mount Hymettus to your left. Brrr! It's quite chilly - it is only March. It's a whole year since you were last here, on the grassy slope with your cushion to sit on, your himation to wrap round you and plenty of food and drink to last the day. Yesterday was excellent - there was a mass procession to the temple of Dionysus. Then it was party time with loads to drink - it is the Festival of Dionysus, and he is the god of wine! This morning, though, you're all looking down towards a rough oval of flattened ground - waiting for something to happen...
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