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Every year at this time you feel so proud to be an Athenian, and so glad you're not a foreigner. You can all see the generals you've picked as your leaders - and the money you made from war so you can get paid to fight. Athens has got the muscle, she's got the cash, and your lads are the greatest!

What happens next? The money's all carted off to the treasury, the space is cleared and the real show begins. Today, tomorrow and the next day it's plays, plays, plays. Three writers each have a day to show you their latest dramas - and one 'll win the prize. Every day there's three tragedies with a comedy to finish, so you all go home in a good mood. That's why you brought the cushions and all the grub. For most of you this is the best thing all year. You can hardly wait for the first one to begin...

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