New CD out by THE WENDIGO - This Fiery Height -

The Wendigo are Anne-Marie (bagpipes, clarinet, recorder), Steve (hurdy gurdy, cittern) and Julian Sutton (melodeon). The CD features self penned tunes played to accompany the traditional dances of central France. More about The Wendigo

Recordings by Misericordia

Robins M’aime - CD, 1999
Songs and instrumental pieces mostly from thirteenth century France Bagpipes, hurdy gurdies, recorder, shawm, gemshorns, saz, gothic harp . . .
Guest musicians:- Sean Breadin - crwth, diverse percussion
Judy Rockliff - bagpipes
Tempus Est Iocundum - cassette, 1996
Songs and instrumental pieces; bagpipes, hurdy gurdies, harps, gemshorns, pipe and tabor . . .
Guest musician:- Nicholas Wood - medieval long drum and tabor, darabuka, tar, oud
The Olde Daunce - CD/cassette, 1995
Includes many dance tunes and features hurdy gurdies, shawm, bagpipes, flute, gothic harp . . .
Guest musicians:- Tim Rayborn - tar, pandeiro, tambourine
Sean Breadin - crwth, percussion
Medieval Instrumental Music - cassette, 1993
An early home recorded tape featuring recorders, gemshorns, hurdy gurdy, cittern, harp, lute . . .
CDs - £12, cassettes - £6.50, (or CDs - £10, cassettes - £5 if more than one item ordered).
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