Musical Projects and Collaborations

The Wendigo - original compositions in the style of the traditional dance music of Central France.

The Three Living
Misericordia and Sean Breadin (aka Sedayne) - crwth player, multi instrumentalist and renowned storyteller.
The music is improvisation based and a recording is in progress which explores the darker side of folk and early music, particularly concerning songs of magic and ritual.

Projects include:-

Stories from the Decameron - Boccaccio's joyful and often bawdy tales told in Sean's inimitable style, interlaced with music and song from forteenth century Italy.

Anne Marie is also a member of:-

The English Bagpipe Orchestra
This band comprises six pipers and a percussionist and was formed by Jon Swayne to perform his new, exciting and highly polyphonic music on border pipes in various keys. Other members of the group are Dave Faulkner, Lawrence Morgan-Anstee, Judy Rockliff, Chris Walshaw and Terry Mann.

Brown Betty
Three women who pipe and sing, sometimes simultaneously. The songs are from the English folk tradition and the pipe tunes are often self penned. The emphasis is on harmony and humour. Anne Marie here joins Vanessa Ryall and Judy Rockliff.

Anne Marie accompanies Thor Ewing, a professional storyteller and singer whose researches have led him into the realms of myth and fable.

Projects with Thor include:-

Beasts and Beyond - Were-creatures and unnatural animals in traditional stories and song with musical accompaniment on hurdy gurdy, harp and medieval woodwind.

Tales from the Time Of Chaucer - A mix of tales courtly and chivalrous, comical and scurrilous drawn from mediaeval fable and romance, with songs, poems and music of the time.