Flies and Lines, Month by Month

These tips will give you a bit of an idea of what to bring with you, but we have a large selection of flies and lures available at the lodge, along with friendly advice, so you will never be stuck.

January - Sinking lines and popular lure patterns like Consett Budgie, Ace of Spades, Black and Green Tadpole and Cat's Whiskers will be the order of the day.

February - Fish deep with sinking lines, but sometimes the fish will react better to a quick retrieve. Best lures are Black Yuppy, Consett Budgie, Ace of Spades, and White and Orange Fritz.

March - Slow sinking lines will do the trick, with lures like Black IPN, Consett Budgie, and Ace of Spades, along with Nymphs like Montana, GRHE, and Pheasant Tails.

April - The intermediate line will be best, along with lures such as Consett Budgie, Viva, Christmas Tree, Black IPN, and Orange IPN. Goldhead Hare's Ear will also work well.

May - Floating or Intermediate lines, with traditionals like Greenwells and Invicta, are worth a go, but don't forget lures like Cat's Whiskers, Viva, Black IPN, Orange IPN and Consett Budgie.

June - Floating lines are a must, to get the best of some exciting surface sport. Successful dries include the Black Hopper family, and very small top nymphs like buzzers, PTN, hare's ear and Montana.

July - Floating or intermediate lines will be all that are required, along with small wet flies like Blae and Black, Black Spider, Bibio, and Black Pennell. Dries such as Daddy Long Legs, Hoppers, Dry Greenwells and small Buzzers are also a must this month.

August - Floaters and Intermediates will still be the best, using PTN,'s various Buzzers, GRHE's, Damsels, Daddies, Hoppers, Coul de Canard, Black Pennell and Bibio. Also try Cats Whiskers and other mini lures.

September - Daddies are very important this month, either fished on the surface or just below. Hoppers and dries in various colours will work, but don't ignore lures such as Ace of Spades and Consett Budgie, or Damsel nymphs.

October - Colder weather this month should mean a return to patterns such as Consett Budgie, Olive IPN, Yellow IPN, and Goldhead Damsel.

November - With the water getting colder the fish will be deeper, so it is back to sinking lines and lures. Consett Budgie, Ace of Spades, Black and Green Tadpole, Christmas tree, and Orange or White Fritzes should do the trick. The Fishery will never be frozen, thanks to the aeration system that is installed.

December - Fast sinking lines and Lures are a must now, and killing patterns include Orange Fritz, Black Zonker, Consett Budgie, Black Yuppy, White Yuppy, Ace of Spades, as well as the Montana nymphs in various colours fished very slow along the bottom.

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