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Frankie joined the Noble household in October 1994, he was 8 weeks old. A little cutie you couldn't fail to love on sight. He was pure white apart from a black mark on his left ear, a lovely shiny black nose and, best of all, the glossiest jet black bottom lip in the doggy world.

Boxer breeders do not like white pups. They have little monetary value. Most potential owners want the classic red or brindle. White pups cannot be registered with the Kennel Club.

The fact is they are just as adorable, maybe more so, than their more socially accepted brothers and sisters.

This site is dedicated to Frankie, a dog bar none! Please take time to browse, and, hopefully, be amused by a few lines of verse about our white chappie. Bye the way, Frankie has different coloured eyes, one bright blue, the other almost black, what a picture!

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Gee that's

Me. Gooed picture?

My parents,
Marie & John.
Fine couple ???

Rosie, my horse friend. She's in Horse Heaven now.

An Ode to Slobber

Not a lot of people know
The benefits slobber brings
It coats your walls
Leaves trails in halls
And to your clothing clings

Now Frankie is a master
At slobber production techniques
This gifted art
Began to start
When Frank was just 8 weeks

His talent grew quite quickly
Encouraged by his human
The texture fine
Like sparkly wine
And white of egg - albumen

He slobbers every morning
On smell of breakfast toast
But it's so true
The mega goo
Is caused by chicken roast

So if you're turned on by slobber
Yes it could be the latest rage
Then surf the net
For Jonnies pet
You've guessed - Frankie's slobber page

Martin, my brother. He wants to be  famous.

Me, having a
crisis of identity

I'm bored.


Kate, my best
Human friend.

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