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Child-Proof your PC!

You know the problem; you switch on your PC only to find that it is not as you left it. Sharing your PC with your children is always a concern, Your PC contains sensitive data. Important letter, accounts and programs you need to keep up to date. Balancing the need to protect your programs, information and your PC's system settings against your child's eagerness to use your PC has never been easy. Until now.

Child Lock TM will quickly and easily protect your PC from the inquisitive minds of children leaving you secure in the knowledge that your system is safe.

ChildLock has bee designed to b;e remarkably quick to set up. Requiring no on-depth technical knowledge, it is effortless to configure and your system can be protected in seconds.

ChildlLock is activated with a simple menu click and deactivated by password, keeping your PC safe until you choose. ChildLock can be set up to automatically activate when your PC is turned on so that there is no risk of bypassing the protection while you are out.

Unlike many security applications, ChildLock is easy. Simply decide which files are sensitive and which programs can be run and then activate ChildLock. You can protect folders by simply telling ChildLock which ones you want protected - if anyone attempts o look at them ChildLock closes down explorer. You can chose which programs can be run - and which ones can't be. You can even select which Control Panel applets run simply by dragging and drooping icons.

£19.99 inc vat

Octopus says:


Just what he always wanted. Now the children can access his computer without him having to be there to protect valuable files.

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