Steve Lewis Solo explores the experience of romantic and spiritual love through the torch song tradition. From Rumi, the thirteenth century Sufi poet, through Cole Porter to "Barbie Girl", mixing in Kabbalist 'nigunnim' William Blake, Bacharach and David and his own originals, Steve's signature combination of voice, bric a brac percussion and live sampling creates an utterly original and unusually moving performance.


Playing Buildings

springs from the philosophical base of "the world as a drum". As part of the production that opened The Lowry in Manchester Steve and some specially chosen collaborators played the astonishing building - as the paint was drying! As seen on BBC2 and in this photo which also features the French Lebanese musician Rami Mekdachi. 'I Belong To Myself' is a piece of sufi poetry arranged by Steve and Rami.

Wallpaper Music is an approach to aural decoration. Live sound without performance. The ideal non-intrusive accompaniment as experienced at the top of the famous Ashton Memorial in Lancaster one evening in June. Others might call it ambient Steve calls this egoless art 'wallpaper music'.



Workshops in Percussion (e.g. with Catalyst), Improvising (Beat The Bay), Environmental Music (Grizedale Forest Sculpture Park) and Music for Dancers (Liverpool International Festival Of Improvised Dance).

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Steve Lewis 01524 35193