The Aetherius Society

by Colin Bord

(from Gandalf's Garden Number 4, 1969)

Records of flying saucer sightings go back over thousands of years, but during the last 22 years the UFO enigma has begun to exercise the minds, tongues and pens of a steadily increasing number of the world's population. Once the ludicrous stumbling block of "Do they exist?" is overcome, three questions predominate among the mass of conjecture, hypothesis and scorn that the subject has aroused. Who are they? Where do they come from? Why are they here? In spite of the general apathy fostered by insidious censorship, the irritating reports continue to circulate from one group of researchers to another.

The suppression of Flying Saucer information on all news media is too well known and obvious to research groups to require any comment. As are the fatuous "explanations" when the public demand becomes too insistent.


At one time these apparent inanities were considered to be the attempts of baffled and hard pressed officials who had to say something without committing themselves. But as the years have gone by with no attempt at an honest approach, officialdom has unwittingly committed itself. It is now very evident that we can see the forces of suppression at work in this matter as in others. Across the world the governments of today demonstrate their inability to meet and nurture the development of a New Age of ideals and ideas.

Of recent years, with the intention of re-awakening man to his real potential, the Forces of Light have been felt over all the planet and men have raised their eyes to the wonders to be seen in the skies. The powers of darkness, both those of the lower immaterial plane and their servants in our own physical world must for their own ends keep mankind in ignorance of his own possibilities. And they must keep him ignorant of any realm of existence other than the material world he knows. From the earliest days of Flying Saucers researchers of a practical turn of mind have at times been visited by individuals, sometimes a group of three, who, presenting no credentials, have warned the researcher that for his own good and for the well being of his family it would be wiser to drop completely all investigations into the phenomena, and in some cases, when the suggestion was not complied with, have later re-enforced it with physical violence. These visitors are usually dressed identically and all completely in black clothes, when they are known as Men in Black or M.I.B. This is an excellent subterfuge; for anyone telling friends or the police that they had been threatened by three unknown men all in black clothing would at least be considered as suffering from hallucinations and in need of a sedative. The only sure defence against this intimidation is to seek the help of the Forces of Light. Those researchers who acknowledge the spiritual significance of Flying Saucers create around themselves a field of Divine Power that cannot be breached. Other researchers working without this awareness lay themselves open to the gravest dangers. A few have paid the ultimate price. Yet governments and the military with their bulging files and films of UFO's still feed us explanations of "weather balloons", "ball lightning", "stars", "satellites", "marsh gas", "meteors" and other nursery tales. And the reports of mass sightings continue to pour in.


September 5th, 1968. Spain: Traffic jams built up in Madrid as thousands of Spaniards got out of their cars to stare at the night sky, where for sixty-five minutes a pyramid shaped object glowed. An airforce jet reached a height of 9½ miles; the pilot reported the object was far above him. Radar screens showed the object to be 18 miles high.

May 19th, 1957. Victoria, Australia: A large silvery object about 8 miles high flew across the state of Victoria at speeds of 2,000 m.p.h. Telephone calls jammed the switchboards at Melbourne Weather Bureau, Police headquarters, airline and newspaper offices. An estimated 23,000 sighting reports came in.

July 19/20/23/26-29th, 1952. Washington D.C., U.S.A.: During these ten days Air Traffic Control radar frequently showed tracks where no aircraft were present. As many as eight flying saucers at a time were seen at night, both on the radar screens and at the same time visually by many witnesses. They easily evaded jet interceptors that were sent up.

April 28th, 1967. Brixham, Devon: At 11.25 a.m. a large cone shaped object about four miles up, glass-like but opaque, hovered over the coast for an hour and twenty minutes, seen by coastguards and others along the coast. R.A.F. planes flew over and around the object which later disappeared into a cloud.

Thousands of such reports continue to be made from all over the globe and after the last witness has been examined and the reports are filed the questions still remain, WHO?, WHERE?, and WHY? The answers provided are many. Most of them have the depressingly familiar sound of the tiny egocentric mind of man fitting the possibilities to his own limited concepts. One exception is the Aetherius Society. Here is a group who does not ask Who?, Where? and Why? They know. And they have great confidence in the accuracy of their answers.


As part of the plan to re-awaken man to his Cosmic Destiny, the Forces of Light have been psychically contacting selected individuals in many parts of the world. Some of these contacts have been on a material level and these individuals have spoken to physical beings and travelled in space-craft. Other contacts have been on a telepathic level. Such a contact was made by a space intelligence from Venus to George King in 1954, who until then, knew nothing of Flying Saucers. He had been a student of Yoga and metaphysics for many years, and after instruction and training he was able to become a channel for communications from space intelligences.

An individual of great personal magnetism and with an impressive capacity for hard work, George King has in the last fourteen years made important and lasting additions to metaphysical knowledge, and as yet, he is little known or appreciated outside the Aetherius Society. During this time over three hundred telepathic messages, known as Cosmic transmissions, have been delivered to mankind by the Cosmic Masters through him. He has written six books containing the profound metaphysical messages that the space beings wish to impress upon men, but phrased in a lucid manner understood by all. He has also produced many booklets on metaphysical subjects and is the editor of the Aetherius Society's bi-monthly magazine, the "Cosmic Voice", which contains news of the latest transmissions and is sent to all parts of the world.

He has lectured in many countries to fascinated audiences and at times has, while in Yogic trance, received Cosmic transmissions while in front of the public. He has given interviews for press, radio and TV and in May, 1959, demonstrated an actual transmission from the Master Aetherius, who is his original contact from Venus, on B.B.C. television. He has undergone considerable hardship in order to climb and "charge" eighteen peaks throughout the world. Acting as a channel for the Cosmic Masters, George King has enabled spiritual energy to be stored in these mountains so that pilgrims who climb to these sites can, through prayer, release this latent power throughout the troubled world, thereby being of service to humanity and playing an important role in the hastening of the New Age.

During this multitude of activities he has drawn to him a group of dedicated selfless workers who have formed the nucleus of the Aetherius Society, with branches in Britain, America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Japan.

These people have given all their spare time to the formation of an active organization dedicated to spiritual enlightenment and service to mankind. Several meetings are held every week, all of which are open to the public, including Divine Service on Sunday. This has a simple and direct approach through prayer and mantra. The prayers used are the Twelve Blessings which George King received from the Venusian Master, Jesus, when he was overshadowed by Him in 1958. These are an extension of His previous teachings suitable for mankind to use in the Aquarian Age. They give a wider concept of the Universe and a deeper appreciation of the everlasting Reality of the One Supreme Creative Intelligence behind all manifestation.

Having attended several of these simple Services I can attest to the intense vibrations of the mantras which seemed to charge the space around us. Sitting in silence in the softly lit meeting room I felt around me the ardour that the early Christian Church must have possessed - before the pomp-and-glory merchants moved in. This Society has a New Age concept of worship, drawing together the essences of East and West.


On weekday evenings there are lectures dealing with the wide range of the Society's knowledge. Tape and films are frequently used and visitors to the London headquarters can hear actual transmission, talks and lectures by George King on tape sent from their Californian headquarters.

Other lectures given by the London staff, with recorded extracts, range from The Fantastic Story of a Science and Culture in another Solar System and Power and Wisdom of the Gods to a class on psychometry, where students can practice their latent powers of deep perception by holding an object that has been in the possession of someone else and has been impressed by their thought vibrations, this being one of the ancient occult sciences. As part of their message to all men the space people, who tell us they are physical beings who have evolved to a higher plane of material existence, have through George King delivered much interesting and vital information that helps to explain some of the enigmas of our age. During 1957 when some scientists were intent upon irrepairably damaging life on earth by exploding H-bombs on Christ-mas Island, a message was received warning of the great dangers attached to the tests.


In more recent years the space people, who have made extensive surveys of this planet, have recorded vast movements of land masses at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. They warned us of impending earthquakes. These and many physical ills of our planet such as possible famine and incurable disease could be alleviated if it were not for the ignorance and self-importance of our rulers. Every major government on earth has been approached by the space intelligences but their 19th century minds are inadequate to meet this startling new situation in world evolution. We must extend our invitation to space people.

The Cosmic laws of Karma do not allow unasked for intervention.

We are also told "You are the moulders of the World". Thought or Prayer having a potent energy has far reaching effects, little suspected by the masses. Wrong thinking and wrong action have caused a gross disruption of finely balanced terrestrial magnetic conditions. These are the cause of world-wide freak weather now being experienced. Adjustments have been made to the energy resources of the earth in order to alleviate these conditions, to some extent, but ultimately the Karmic responsibility remains ours. The space beings also have access to aspects of knowledge of our own past, which are unknown to man. We are told that during his travels before the age of thirty, Jesus visited England, and that England is one of the chosen spiritual centres of the world. We have, significantly, nine charged Holy Mountains of Britain, more than any other country. Great things may be expected from us in the future.

Regarding the world-wide reports of occupants seen emerging from Flying Saucers and other contacts with space people the Aetherius Society has little to say. They know that other groups on earth have been contacted and also there are hoaxes both private and officially arranged as well as certain forces which manifest with intent to mislead. But the teachings of the Aetherius Society are confined to their own direct knowledge.

The theme of service to humanity is put into practice by members of the Society who undertake spiritual healing. Anyone in need may attend on an individual basis and part of the treatment may be carried out by Chromotherapy (practiced by the Atlanteans), the science of healing by the use of coloured light directed at different parts of the body. As with other forms of subtle treatment, this is more likely to be immediately effective if the patient is spiritually aware, although relatively insensitive people do respond eventually. The Master Aetherius advocates the practising of Yoga and homoeopathy for their healing values. Apparently on Venus, which is of a higher vibration, the people do not eat meat. Energy is absorbed directly from the Solar Source. By refraining from eating flesh the mind and body are finely sensitised and by the use of meditation on the highest concept, the Truth of all matters will become known. This is the path of the true scientist. In keeping with these ideals the Society runs a health food shop in London where food unadulterated by man's "improvements" can be purchased.


The Aetherius Society has received an outline of its development for the next 1,000 years. Five temples are to be built at various sites on the earth. These will be unique in so far as they will utilize the "Science of Shape Power". This is a virtually forgotten science on earth, though it was understood by the builders of the Pyramids. Such structures are built to attract prevalent magnetic currents of the planet. Some buildings on earth have the wrong Shape Power which is why the occupants tend to be depressed.

All the other planets of the Solar System use Shape Power in their building, both above and below ground. The Aetherius temples will be designed to house Spiritual Energy radiators. Such power-houses collect and radiate spiritual and pranic energies and thereby help to bring about a Karmic change within their radius.

The undeniable impression given by the staff at Aetherius House is one of sincerity and a genuine desire to spread knowledge, rather than gain members. George King, a man of unquestionable abilities who would have made an appreciable mark in any commercial sphere, has spent his life in a service that causes Straights to back away muttering "crack-pot" - but to anyone who is aware of the increasing impact of Flying Saucers on the consciousness of mankind, the knowledge and teachings of this society hold an inescapable logic. The Aetherius Society is one group that is honestly laying foundations on which we can build a New World.

Copyright © Colin Bord 1969. Reprinted with permission.

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