by Muz Murray

(from Gandalf's Garden Number 5, 1969)

What is the cause of the Revolutionary World Mind? And why at this point of our collective evolution is the whole globe erupting in spontaneous outbursts of revolutionary ardour? Not because of faster communications to be sure. Do you suppose that the mental-freedom fighters all over the world have any more idea of what's going on in everybody else's scene, than local revolutionaries do of what's really going on in theirs?

Thank God for the love of you Gardeners of the Soul in these times of planetary insanity and power-mania. You are the real revolutionaries for this age - the guerrillas of the inner planes - working from the grass roots of your own deep Selves and not from the manufactured minds of those around you. There is nothing revolutionary about the normal run of revolutions. The rise and inevitable fall of earthly revolutions over the centuries have been products of involvement with the normal life-cycle pattern of birth-growth-decay-death to which all material things in this visible universe are subject, from microscopic mineral molecules to man. But beyond this birth-growth-decay-death syndrome lies the unchanging, undying, eternal PRINCIPLE of BEING, the discovery and use of which is where the real New Age revolution is at! And those Gardeners who are delving their inner-Gardenworlds today, are the only combined force of LIGHT keeping this world in a relative state of equilibrium, by combating the negative forces being poured into the atmosphere from the Mordor-minds of the soul-sick.

Such a concept may seem hard to take, but it is reinforced from a very unexpected quarter. One of the few impartial wise-men of this world, U Thant, who holds the most un-mystical position of United Nations Secretary, has stated many times that it is only the meditators on this earth who are preventing the planet from descending into complete chaos. He is aware that small groups of such people, who are tuning in to the Cosmic Self, are stretched in a thin web over the entire face of the earth, at distances no greater than approximately fifty miles apart. And he maintains that this is a vital factor in retaining the condition of sanity for the future of the planet.

But how does he come to such a conclusion? The fact is that our thoughts have far more power and duration than we can imagine. And concentrated thought-power creates MIND REVOLUTION - both within ourselves and in the WORLD BRAIN. Everything that exists, makes sounds, or thinks, is cosmically being recorded in the "ether", a "force-field" of subtle substance which appears to be of another dimension, and which is constantly receiving impressions and retaining them in the manner of film emulsion or magnetic tape. But since the "breadth" of the "etheric field" permeates both our atmosphere and space, the playback extends to the whole of the universe!

After taking photographs of an empty parking lot from a helicopter, two American architects were staggered to discover on the negatives, the images of hundreds of cars which had vacated the spot some six hours earlier. So the "etheric imprint" of the automobiles had somehow remained "suspended" in the "atmosphere" of the parking area for at least six hours before the photos were taken. Similarly one sometimes "sees" or "feels" the presence of someone in a chair after they have gone out of the room, sensing the "etheric imprint" which still occupies the same space.

It has now been found that sound is also freakishly suspended in a similar wav. At an annual luncheon of the School of Infantry, Brigadier Tony Arengo-Jones told of an amazing occurrence that he and many others experienced while on a military exercise on Salisbury plain, around Imber village near Warminster. All radios in armoured cars, tanks, walkie-talkies, etc., were tuned to operate on a specific frequency for restricted use. But during the manoeuvres they began to pick up strange nautical commands to "open up broadsides on enemy frigates" and the like, which disrupted the whole exercise. It became evident that messages were being intercepted from warships engaged in battle-exercise in the English Channel off Portsmouth, some eighty-odd miles away. Later, top Army Brass sent in a stiff complaint to the Naval High Command for using their radio frequency and were told that there had been no sea-manoeuvres that day. The Navy was soon presented with evidence taken down by the Army wireless operators as to the positions of various ships and their battle orders. After consulting their records of nautical exercises, the Naval Authorities made the staggering discovery that they were in fact responsible for that particular exercise - but it had taken place six weeks before!


It is not yet known whether "historical sound" of this nature is diffused throughout the "atmosphere", or whether it collects at certain magnetic nodal points on the earth to be tapped at any time. But just as currently beamed radio waves exist everywhere, so human bodies are giving off their own "radio" waves which we call "vibrations". Everyone has experienced this phenomenon to a certain limited degree without thinking very much about it. We have to be extremely insensitive not to detect the vibrations of someone close to us. If they are in a dark or depressed mood, or seething with anger or lust, or radiant with love, we can easily pick up their emotional vibrations at such short range and often allow ourselves to be caught up with whatever is coming off them. This is especially so when our own vibration at the time is of a negative or passive character. Then we are overwhelmed by the more powerful vibration. We tend to absorb it and this begins to generate the same mood within us. But to be overcome by negative moods such as fear, anger, violence, greed, lust, envy, hate, frustration, etc., is not only damaging to ourselves (by causing poisonous toxins to be produced by the body which are released into the bloodstream, manifesting in all kinds of un- or dis-ease; from simple things like dandruff or spots, to internal pains and malignant growth - depending on the amount of wrong thinking indulged in) but it is radiating out from us in every direction to all living organisms. As the music of the Beatles or Beethoven is floating throughout the earth and is available wherever there is a radio to pick up the vibration and translate it back into sound, so the good or bad vibrations escaping from each person on the planet are producing a collective atmosphere or "planetary psyche" which is unconsciously picked-up by the human antenna (believed to be the pituitary gland in the skull). And how much more sensitive is the natural human receiver than the mechanical radio or television? It is ceaselessly sending out and receiving the universal "programmes" from the instant of its conception to the moment of bodily death.


In the same way as our emotional vibrations are released into the world, so our thoughts gather in the "etheric field", awaiting the tuning in of other minds. It is not accident, chance or newspaper sensationalism which has caused revolution to awaken in people's minds throughout the earth at the same time. The whole universe is permeated with the thought and wherever there is life, there will be a great unrest going on. The urge for relief of growing tensions is boiling in hundreds of thousands of people, no matter how culturally diverse their nations may be, although there are some races as a whole which are not so developed on the mental-levels and will not be working on the same evolutionary-period wavelength as the human mass in general. Therefore they will not pick up on the happenings of more advanced mind-levels very well, if at all. That is left to the prophets who are always far more "sensitised" and can tune in to "newly released" knowledge from ethereal realms many years in advance of the level of comprehension of their contemporaries.

Men of a higher mental rate of vibration often discover that they are, or have been, working on the same ideas, or field of thought as their fellow-researchers in other parts of the globe. This 20th century was the time for the "cosmological re-release" of information from the ether, on the nature of the atom and how to harness its energy for power. (There are sanskrit texts written well over six thousand years ago, which accurately and scientifically explain the nature of the atom - and many other things which scientists are only now beginning to discover). Einstein's mind was the first to grasp this "new" knowledge, and as to be expected, he was derided and considered an idiot by nearly all other scientific "authorities" of the world, until his discoveries were perverted for the destruction of Hiroshima. But as such knowledge spreads in the ether, other minds of a like nature cannot help but pick up the vibrations and begin to work on the same lines. Even though no militarily valuable scientific secrets are given away today, every nation with sufficient capital is managing to develop its own diabolical bombs and bacteria. It is ludicrous to imagine that any country can keep a secret monopoly of the possibilities of the universe when it has become cosmologically time for man to utilise them. And still governments continue to spend thousands of pounds on farcical "security measures" creating incredibly evil vibrations from those who are involved. Anyone who has come up against such people, or "Special Branch" types, or certain types of detective, police, prison warders, or even Mafia-style park-keepers (as in Parliament Hill Fields, London) will understand what horrific minds can be produced by the custodians of "security" in any form.

Couple those vibrations with those of the warmongers of the earth and all uniformed thugs and sadists, the petty "tin-god" bureaucrats, the butchers and animal slaughterers, the paid killers of nations trained to the point of mass insanity to willingly march off in their millions to slaughter another few million people they know nothing about - and then consider the amount of negativity that that lot is pouring into the atmosphere. It is not difficult to realise why so many sensitive minds are going out of control, and so many nervous breakdowns are occurring in ever-increasing numbers.

It is small wonder then, that the first sound a new-born child makes on entering this world takes the form of a cry. Could it be that it catches the sudden overwhelming negativity of mankind's collective vibration? Have you ever stopped to think why its first breath should not be a laugh? A gurgling shout of joy and delight?


Before the Golden Age can happen in our visible world (and it is already happening on the inner planes - the seeds are sown and germinating - and many of us are living there and here at-One-ment) it must be consciously lived in the hearts and minds of those who understand. They have to act as channels by projecting the future lifestyle so strongly into the "etheric recording field" that it will be picked up unconsciously by more and more people as this Age of Consciousness develops. This is the only form of revolution that will be of any lasting use.

When has earthly revolution ever done any good? Here and there no doubt it has made a few temporary changes for the better, but because revolutions have in the past been based on anything but love (the motivational power of the universe) by the majority of the people, the real essence of change, which is the evolution to a higher state of being, has remained relatively static despite the considerable outerwordly technological evolution.

So many unhappy revolutionaries want to change the surface appearance of things while their own depths are still sick. This is exactly the method of those doctors who do not cure the disease, but pump drugs into the body which temporarily cover up the symptoms until the putrescence breaks out again in another form at a later date. Too many people want to change the world without getting rid of their own psychological hang-ups first. And so revolutions by such people are always doomed to failure. Whatever vibrations are sent out, by those who want to overthrow a system, are bound to be picked up to some degree by those they oppose and are absorbed into their emotive-thinking mechanisms, and vice-versa, and so the cosmic implications have to be grasped that beyond the material world - THEY ARE THE OTHERS! And whatever mental hang-ups they still have will be picked up and reinforced by those "others" - so perpetuating the ghastly situation endlessly.

Take any revolution in history. Study the aims and ideals behind it and then look at today's conditions in the place it occurred. What happened in every case? Need we ask? How long did it take before the revolutionaries become the power-seekers and glory-boys? How many years before the mass of Grey-minds absorbed and smothered the irritant rash of idealism and resumed control? That's why it's so saddening to see the plastic flower-children of yestersummer becoming the plastic revolutionaries of today. Sooner plastic-love than plastic-hate. But man the barricades, hurl your brick-bats and invectives, break a few windows, burn some cars, loot some shops, get a few heads busted, shoot a few people, you grey revolutionaries - and reach that mythical "freedom" we all seek - and in a few weeks, months, years, we'll be back where we started. The true revolution has to occur in the heart first - not from the intellect's borrowed ideals. Have we got it worked out how the world can be run once it is taken over? Does everybody know what to do? The majority has to know if the whole thing is not to fail. And unless the mass-mind is nurtured to understand the principles of this Cosmic Renaissance of Consciousness then men will be unable to work in genuine harmony on a unified earth.

Let's get our priorities right. Involvement in politics is death to any idealism. Concessions always have to be made. To try and fight the system on its own terms is to become enmeshed. What political party has ever retained its beliefs once in power? Or has done what it originally promised? Any one party can only be infinitesimally better than the next, since both think on the same level - that of GOVERNING. And to govern means that, on such a large scale as nationwide control, decisions have of necessity to be made without the consent of the governed, otherwise nothing would get done because of the conflicting interests of the haves and have-nots. Governments intentionally perpetuate the US and THEM syndrome (and that's another of their games we have to drop out of) otherwise they and their big business cronies would have to become US and work to the will of the people. As it is, it is more convenient to stick labels and clobber "dirty hippies", "foreign elements", "subversives", "hooligan students", "communists", "ban-the-bombers", etc., rather than frighten the public by beating "ordinary citizens" or humans who want to be free. If man was allowed to run his own affairs on a local scale doing exactly what he wanted with his own immediate environment in co-operation with his fellows, then he would feel alive again, with a sense of purpose and meaning through involvement with his own small existence. Worst of all, he might gain happiness and contentment.

If everyman were to firstly concentrate on understanding how to run himself, then this phase of existence would rapidly evolve, in an understanding of each other's true relationship and needs. The meditators and Soul Gardeners of the world are doing just this. And that is why it is happening. It is people such as YOU who are creating the new Renaissance of Consciousness rather than the Caucus Race of rock-throwing Old-Age revolution. And we love you for it.

Copyright © Muz Murray 1969. Reprinted with permission.
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