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Letter to the Editor, October 1992

Dear Andrew,

I have recently acquired a very interesting engine with little known about it (by me, that is).  Perhaps more knowledgeable members of the club could help me on this one.  I have been unable to find out much about it.  I have been given a cutting from an old bike magazine (source unknown), which I enclose a copy of.  Apart from this limited information, I have very little to go on.  I am in the process of tracing a patent number that is on the Capac carburetter (an unknown make to me).

Can any members help me with any information, photos or spares to enable me to complete it to original specification?  It is a horzontally-opposed twin from the 1920s, cyclinder capacity is about 150cc, engine number 25.  The engine is mounted over the back wheel and is made by "Economic Motors Ltd, Manufactured by Victor Motors (Eynsford) Ltd, Eynsford, Kent".

Economic engine

If anyone can help with what appears to be a rare and interesting engine or is just interested in seeing the engine for their own curiosity, I would be very grateful if they would contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Mark James

[There is more information on the Ecomomic engine in the archive.]

First published, October 1992

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