1Big Sid

The little-known secret identity that has been part of my life for the last two years, Big Sid, is a ten foot puppet character, most frequently seen at the Pallasades Shopping Centre, in the centre of Birmingham. Created for a major puppet festival in 1996, he became something of a cult figure, as the Centre's children's club figurehead. Following a change in Management at the Pallasades, he has recently lost this coveted position, however, and is now free-lance.  He will therefore be making fewer but more varied appearances over this year and beyond.  On a happier note - he now has found a lifetime companion, Bella, who although she has an independent life of her own, is sometimes to be found working with Sid.  Appearances in public will generally be advertised here, so I  can only suggest you make regular visits, to give yourself the best chance of meeting this cultural icon. 



If you have a message for Sid, please e-mail him at:



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