Contax G2 Photo Reviews...
             ... and a few Gripes !

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yl_tri.gif (202 bytes)  Reviews :  There are several very well written and objective reviews on the web.  As they are far better written than any thing I can write I would refer you to them.  Try the following...

Review by Tom Shea for

Review by Dave Beckerman

User Reviews from Photography Review

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Here, in brief, are my own likes and gripes about the camera...

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    1.) Comfortable to hold.  Solid and secure feeling.
    2.) Small light lenses.  Easily pocketable.
    3.) No problem with view finder with or without glasses.
    4.) I don't find it noisy or obtrusive nor does my Partner.

and of course ...   Superb results when I use my eyes !!!

yl_tri.gif (202 bytes)  Major Gripes...
   1.) It needs an aperture readout in the viewfinder.   Occasionally I leave the lens cap on and the aperture ring occasionally rotates !
    2.) Spot Metering. The central focusing rectangle would suffice as a spot.
    3.) There needs be a facility for attaching an ordinary right-angle viewer for low or lowish shots.  My knees creak a bit when kneeling and the ground is often wet.
    4.) Pressing the cable release button sets focusing and shutter cycle into operation.  The cable release should have two pressures - the first for focusing and parallax compensation, the second for firing the shutter.

yl_tri.gif (202 bytes)  Minor Gripes...
   1.) 16mm Hologon is a mite expensive for non-lottery entrants.
    2.) There should be a lock on the exposure compensation dial as there is with the shutter dial
    3.) Contax/Kyocera should have designed a Leica 39mm screw to Contax G adapter on the drawing board.  It is perverse as the difference in mount to film-plane is only 1mm too short!
    4.) I would love a cheap Infra-red shutter release like P&Ss have.  Far less fiddly to use and dirt cheap to produce.
    5.) The tiny plastic cable release screw cover is far too easily lost !!!

yl_tri.gif (202 bytes)  Limitations : No, I do not wish to use macro, telephoto or seriously fast lenses (f1.4 etc.) on my G2.  For these tasks I have a very adequate SLR.

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