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    MALIGNED, excoriated and generally sneered at by Leica fanatics and misunderstood by muscle-bound SLR owners whose cameras are on anabolic steroids, the G2 stands supreme.  My own Contax G2 kit, the best serious money I have ever spent on camera gear - period, is a testament  not only to the art and skill of a supreme camera salesman who like a fisherman lured, teased, caught and finally drew in a not too unwilling victim but also to a gorgeous partner who simple said "You deserve it, but please don't point it at me".
    There are however several cost effective improvements that may be made to personalise any Contax G camera and its lenses.  The following pages detail those that I have done or thought about.
    Have a look through this site, possibly pick up a few wheezes, maybe even agree on a few points and enjoy with me my pleasure in taking photographs with an exquisite though slightly modified camera.

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