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Runners up

 The battle for the premierships best site was a close run thing this year with Sunderland's "Reidy to Go) ( a close second.

Not far behind was "ManU R Brill" (http://www.geocities/soccer/shitteams/manu/ 985998/index.html) produced by someone who was actually born near Manchester.

Other Categories

 The best web graphics once again go to Eddy Shearyardi's Magpie Zone (

Most innovative web page goes to the Newcastle ground construction webcam (http://www./nufc/web_cam.htm)

Best photo's found on a football site is awarded to ( )

Most interesting match report goes to "Wobbly here we come" ( )

Most dedicated football fan award goes to the Soft Southerner, who as far as we can gather travels over 300 miles from his home in Canterbury to watch and report on the reserves (

Most persistent super snapping photographer goes to Steph, for her in car shots of Newcastle footballers (

Fans Forums

There could only be one winner in this category which goes for the forth year in a row to (http://www.communicata/nufc/bbs/

An Award for the most obnoxious and abusive forum goes to Ready To Swear, ( ) which quite frankly should be banned.

Commercial Sites

The best commercial site is of course Football Unlimited,

so we'll move onto the runner up which this year goes to The Scum ( We were particularly impressed with the Who's bonking who competition . This site must also surely have the largest collection of football jokes on the internet.

Best newcomer would have gone to Soccer UK ( but it dosen't seem to have been updated for quite some time.

The WORST site that we came across must surely be Soccer Fanzine, (http://www.skysports/blah/bla/bla/soccer-fanzine} It's part of the Sky Sports site and is the most poorly made web page that we have ever come across. No one ever visits twice. Perhaps Sky should dump the producers of that particular section and employ someone like the award winning RIK to make their "Fans Site" for them.


Sites of the Season shortlist announced

Sunday February 13, 2000

Football Unlimited, in association with When Saturday Comes, are pleased to announce the shortlist of winners in our Sites of the Season competition.

Divisional winners
Premiership: Rik's place (

First Division: The Holmesdale online (

Second Division: Frodo's Notts County website (

Third division: Exeweb (

Scottish Premier League: All Saints webzine (

Scottish First Division: Soapdodgers (

Scottish Second Divsion: Hiy Serrr - Alloa's unofficial fanzine (

WSC special award winner
Ormondroyd's Virtual Match Reports (

 and the winner is:-

The London based Crystal Palace site , The Holmesdale online ( wins overall site of the season this year.

Contrary to popular opinion, this site was selected as it was in the judges opinion, better than Riksplace and not because it will be cheaper to send a London based web editor to to Italy than it would be to send someone living in the frozen wastelands of northern England...

The judging panel was made up of: Jon Brodkin (The Guardian), David Hills (The Observer), Jamie Rainbow (WSC and World Soccer online), and Paul MacInnes (Football Unlimited) The other categories were made up , Ian Mills (The Scum).

I would say better luck next year Rik, but you're disqualified for stealing this web page....

Football bol


Football bol



Rik would like to thank the Guardian Unlimited for not being too cross about him borrowing this front page for a few weeks. (hey it's free advertising for them isn't it). I'll return it when I get all those football goodies that you promised . Thanks guys, glad you can take a joke.... RIK