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Peter Reid's Summer Signings so far ... 2 OAP's , Age concern are concerned, Bobby Bobster has the low down

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Ethnic cleansing at The Stadium of Liiiiiight?.. The Screacher feature


New Sports Action Formula Car Announced from Sunderland based car maker Nipponese full story .. page 2

BUT THE BIG maKem story is still the Lee Clarke photo

Simply by wearing a T shirt with S M B on the front was enough to get Lee Clark the sack. "Monkey heed" really showed what b@st@rds the Makems can be by transfer listing him for having a joke. No wonder the geordies take the piss out of them so much, they have no sense of humor. Clarkie wasn't on the list for too long getting a deal from his old Newcastle team mate Paul bracewell in a move that will take him to next years promotion hot shots Fulham. Won't it be Ironic bext season when Clarkie is promoted with Fulham and Sunderland after once again not investing in Premiership quality players once more are relegated. Super Striker Mickey Bridges who is also on the transfer list is said to be on the verge of moving to a TOP Premiership team, that rules out LEEDS so he must be joining Newcastle.

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A much better picture is available on Nialls website from where this one originated

For those that need glasses the T Shirt that Clarkie is wearing in the shot was taken by SMB reader Mick McGowan.


It was taken at the FA cup final,and was meant as a joke, Sunderland "sacked" him . .......Sad maKem B@st@rds

With the Makems now back in the premier league we are all in for a great laugh. Especially with them getting rid of their three best players. It's another Notts Forest situation if you ask me. When the season begins and the MaKems slide into the relegation zone, there will be some wonderful stories on here. It makes you wonder what we did for entertainment before the maKems were promoted.

Shame that we'll only get a single season out of them playing with the big boys. I am sure my favorite story will pop up around January when Peter Reid resigns after mass protests outside the Stadium of liiiiiight. I can see the placards now, "Tight fisted Reid must go", "You too Murray" "Too many false promises" "Too many false dawns" " where are the players you promised?" "Who the F*** is Rodrigo Fluntz?" "We want Hoddle" Who incidentally is my tip for their next manager.

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