Additional defences planned on June 7 1941 over and above those drawn up on August 12 1940.

I have not given NGRs with this table. In reality, several sites so found varied slightly (some more slightly than others!) between what was planned and what was actually there. A description of approximate location is presented instead. A map is available outlining the battalion areas and boundaries covered by all the Home-guard in Cumberland (and Westmorland), whose battalions were affiliated to the Border Regiment.

The information given here does not imply in any way that the structures described are still present, if, indeed they ever were. This page has been collated from County archive records and anecdotal evidence, and is intended as a guide only. Fieldwork has been done, and is ongoing. All information is presented in good faith.

Machine-Gun Emplacements with Anti-Tank Traps

MaryportNetherton Between the railway station and Ellenborough on the A594.
WorkingtonStainburn At Horse-Close, on the 'Stanbeck' side of the road just below what is now the 'Stanbeck' guest-house. Demolished.

Browning-Gun Emplacements

Armathwaite  Somewhere between the railway viaduct to the west of the village, and the railway-station.
Brampton  Two shown in close proximity to each other, on the east side of the (old) A69 leaving the town for Warwick Bridge. This location would approximate to the section - now built up - between the new roundabout and Ivinson's garage at the west-end of Brampton.
Brampton  On the north side of the town, in the vicinity of the bifurcation of the B6292 Alston road and the eastward A69.
Millom  Somewhere in the north of the town, on the A5093.
Millom  Somewhere in the town centre, just south of the railway-line.

Anti-Tank Traps

Alston  At the junction of the Nenthead and Garrigill roads.
Alston  In the vicinity of the railway station on the A686..
Armathwaite  Probably under the bridge where the railway crosses the Cotehill road.
Armathwaite  On the Hesket road.
Armathwaite  Probably on the Wetheral road.
BassenthwaiteOuse Bridge Over the river Derwent at the end of Bassenthwaite lake.
Egremont  On the bridge over the river Ehen.
MaryportGrasslot On the A596, southern end of town.
Maryport  On the northern side of the harbour. Rather intriguingly, there does not appear to be a road round from here!
Maryport  On the A596, northern end of town before the B5300 Allonby road junction.
PenrithEamont Bridge Across the river Eamont on the Cumberland / Westmorland border.
Penrith  Southend road, southern end of town.
Penrith  In the vicinity of the railway station and the castle.
ThrelkeldRailway Station under the rail over-bridge on the road to St. John's-in-the-Vale.
WhitehavenMirehouse On the St. bees road, north of the Wilson Pit road.
WhitehavenRichmond At the junction of the Moresby road and the Cleator-Moor road.

Cylinder Obstruction Only

PenrithCastletown On the bridge across the main west-coast line, between the top of Cromwell Road and Castletown.

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