Russell W. Barnes'


Workington Home-Guard Certificate

A collection of wartime memories, as told by real people.


National Service at Drigg: new04/01/07
Roy Chadwick

Home-Guard march-past, our little secret:
William Edwards

Heinkel over the steel-works!:
William Edwards

Life on the Workington coast-battery:
Alfred Hall, MBE.

Post-war gunnery at Fort walney:
Roger Horsfield.

Life on the Workington coast-battery:
Margaret Leemans.

The Whitehaven Anson crash:
Frank Lewthwaite

A rescue excercise and a crashed aircraft:
Ken Mulcaster

Life on the Workington coast-battery:
W. E. Muscott.

A Wartime Boyhood at Barrow:
Frank O'Brien.

A Sea-Scout at Silloth aerodrome:
Dr. Les Oswald

Memories of a Skelton Home-Guardsman:
Jonty Stalker


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Who was it said that without the past there would be no future?
Memories captured in cyberspace for all to share.

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