A nice example of a type F/W22 (Ministry of Fortifications and Works hexagonal type) pill-box is this one, located just off the A590 opposite the Haverthwaite road-ends. In common with the other pill-boxes along the Furness peninsula, eg: Lindale and High Newton, it is smaller and not as heavily constructed as a type F/W22 used, say, to defend an aerodrome like Kirkbride. There is no anti-ricochet protection inside, it is of thinner construction and the loop-holes are designed for rifle or light machine-gun use only.

looking at the pill-box from the field-side.

Looking at the rear and door.   Inside.   View from the road.  

The pill-box has weathered well inside, and still has the rifle-rest shelves in place underneath each loophole. A smaller 'pistol-port' can be seen adjacent to the doorway.

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