Through The Eyes Of The Luftwaffe!

This remarkable image is an aerial reconnaissance photograph of Silloth aerodrome, taken by the Luftwaffe in 1941. They appeared to know everything: Where the guns were, the hangars, other buildings... Clarence Postlethwaite - ex-Chapel Bank worker - was given it by the Chapel Bank (DEC) pilot, who used to fly in executives to DEC (Distington Engineering Company, Workington) using Silloth aerodrome as a base.

A chance meeting and a casual chat with a German chap having a look around Silloth aerodrome in the late 1950's revealed that the German had, indeed, been to Silloth before - nearly twenty years earlier and tens of thousands of feet up in the sky! The photograph on this page was given to the DEC pilot by the ex-Luftwaffe airman following his outing to Silloth. It is for this chain of fortuitous events that I am extremely grateful.

A mouse-click on the picture will reveal a higher-definition 214kB version.

Photograph courtesy of Clarence Postlethwaite, Workington.

How the Luftwaffe viewed Silloth aerodrome in 1941.

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