Problems, problems, problems. Everyone has them - even YOU. If you think you haven't got any then you are only repressing them. That will eventually lead to you committing messy suicide unless you take action now. We suggest that you look for help in the items below or send your problem to us using the form at the bottom of the page. We guarantee a prompt and tender reply.


Lazy Days

Dear hypa, could you suggest some way to keep me from being lazy?

As it happens, there is one easy way to stop yourself from being lazy. This is to keep yourself occupied with lots of interesting things. That way you do not have time to think about being lazy.


Job Swap

Dear hypa, I have recently discovered that my true talent is for painting, and now I want to give up my job and devote myself to this. Should I do it?

Deciding to become a painter is a very common occurrence among people who are frustrated in their current job and see it as a more relaxing activity. In most cases it is advisable to leave your current job and take up painting...but if your current job is already as a painter then you might want to think things through a bit more.


Out of Control

Dear hypa, I am too hypa! My friend and i just cant seem to SETTLE DOWN!! We are in highschool and we STILL do fake farts on our arms, not to mention we just cant control ourselves. What can we do??

It's well know that a high sugar intake can cause such problems in young folks. To avoid such problems you should replace the sugar in your diet with sugar substitutes such as chocolate, soft drinks, sweets and cookies.


If you have a problem, we can solve it

As a caring organisation, hypa like to help you with the problems in your life. Remember, a burden is always lighter if you get somebody else to carry it for you. Type your problem in the box below and click 'Send Form'.

Dear hypa, my problem is:


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