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Folding Space The Baroque Style The Baroque View of the World
After the Middle Ages comes the Baroque.  Knowledge divided into compartments, systems divided into layers and folds, diplomacy becomes a formal game, elevation of intimacy and secrecy. 

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The Baroque Style has been popular at certain times in history.

It is characterized by a complex elaboration of features, and a complicated enfolding of the functional space.

It is now typical of much modern technology, which revels in excessive complexity.

At the surface level, this design style can be found in many widely used software products, including Microsoft Office.

At a deeper level, this design style is found in emerging software and business architectures:

There is also a Baroque view of the world, and the entities and processes it contains.  One of the primary sources for this view is Leibniz, whose monads can be compared with objects or components. 

This leads to a topological way of understanding a variety of business and system questions.

This also links to a view of Internet as Labyrinth.

topological notions



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Read the title essay about Walter Benjamin. Sontag: Under the Sign of SaturnI

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