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We are seeing a continuing thrust toward the service-based business.
SOA principles
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The service-based business continues many of the themes of the component-based business.


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veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

SOA Principles

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Services are regarded as intrinsically tradeable, and valued according to some notion of exchange value. (Of course we may often choose not to exercise the option to trade services, for various reasons.)
Service coherence, reliability and "wholeness" promotes broad and robust use/reuse.
Open, asynchronous connections between components / services. more
Services where functionality, quality or cost may vary with identity and context. more
Availability of alternative implementations, biodiversity.
Not only is functionality distributed across a network of services, but the intelligence governing this functionality is also distributed. Systems with distributed intelligence are amenable to much more radical change than centralized ones.
Using business process/system models to monitor and control all aspects of system design and operational performance. more

veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

SOA Benefits / Issues

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Flexibility / Adaptability One of the key benefits of SOA is that it allows for significant improvements in flexibility or adaptability.
Requisite Variety SOA solutions should be capable of "on-demand" response to the complexity of the environment.
Reliability / Robustness SOA solutions are inherently scaleable, and can be designed to avoid single points of failure.
Software Productivity Faster and more efficient delivery of solutions.  In part, this is due to improvements in usability and reuse.
Manageability While distributed solutions have a natural tendency towards complexity, SOA technologies are available to maintain proper management and control of networked operations..

veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

More Material

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veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

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