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Differentiated Service is extensively covered in a few narrow technical areas, such as telecoms networks and internet. It is also mentioned in some marketing sources, with reference to customer segmentation.  But the principle of Differentiated Service extends far beyond these domains, and is a key element of the Service-Based Business. Services on-demand

Modes of differentiation

Identity-differentiated business services

Differentiated security

Sorting and classification

Differentiated Service (December 2000)

Implementing Context-Driven Services (June 2002)

Differentiated Security (June 2002)

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veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

Modes of Differentiation

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Differentiation involves providing a different service according to the context. Ideally the interface remains the same, but with some variation in the content or quality or commercial terms of the service.

When it works properly, service differentiation combines the economic and technical benefits of generalization with the economic and technical benefits of specialization. It also provides a new angle on security (differentiated security).
Service Differences
Content Data Workflow
Data Quality Precision/Accuracy/Granularity Latency/Timeliness Scope/Horizon
Security Access Operation-Specific/Object-Specific CopyProtection/OpenSource
Technical Quality Speed/Response Performance/Throughput Reliability/Availability
Cost/resource usage
Control Differences
Price Paid
Customer Type Gold/Regular
Transaction Type Voice over Data, StolenCardReport versus RegularTransaction
Customer/Transaction History e.g. Recent Complaint, Previous Claim
Connection Type High/Low Bandwidth, Inside/Outside Firewall
Software Type Java-enabled versus text-only browser
Security Level Customer Employee Privileged Administrator

and other possibilities ...

Control Mechanisms
Separate policy or workflow layer
Service tokens
Policy blackboard
Multiple implementations or separate plug-ins
Hand-coding within each component

these options are presented in descending order of preference

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veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

Identity-Differentiated Business Services

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At a business level, differentiated services typically represent a new set of opportunities and challenges.  A differentiated service scheme may have the following characteristics.
Generic Scheme Requirements Generic Solution Characteristics Our Expertise
Reliable Mechanisms for Identification and Authentication
  • Smart Cards & Biometrics
  • WS-Identity

Robust & Secure Technical Architecture

Capability to Collect, Process & Analyse Large Amounts of Data

Robust Partnership Between Multiple Stakeholders

Manageable Operational Process, Clear Partnership Governance

MultiLateral Infrastructure
  • Multi Channel
  • Multi Functional
  • Multi Partner

Each service provider will segment the same user-base in diffrent ways.

Overall viability of the scheme requires careful attention

Business Case Development

Dynamic Modelling - Model-Based Management

Risk Modelling and Management

Technical Architecture

Social Organization and Governance

SmartCards & Biometrics

Service-Based Software

Business Intelligence

Network Security

more Example: Pay As You Drive Insurance

veryard projects - innovation for demanding change veryard projects > so > differentiated services
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