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The idea that Services should be available and delivered "on-demand" has been around in the research community for a long time.  Researchers in the 1990s often used video-on-demand as an example of an on-demand service, and early studies showed how a collaboration between telecoms, cable and content providers could provide a a film viewing service that combined the convenience and immediacy of broadcast television with the flexibility and choice of video rental.
On-demand entails a degree of adaptiveness or responsiveness -- which in turn entails a suitable process for adapting or responding. This process may include anticipating and recognizing demand, as well as reacting to it.
Where is it possible to recognize variety in the demand, this calls for an equivalent variety in the response -- sometimes known as requisite variety. This entails a degree of service differentiation.
An on-demand business cannot respond indiscriminately to everything, but needs some way of filtering and focusing.
On-demand computing needs to be trustworthy, reliable, resilient.
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veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

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