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Are the days of the traditional project numbered?

At least within software engineering, a traditional project involves a largely self-contained team, performing a finite task with a definite end-date. The team is relatively homogeneous - different skills and experience marking different rungs on the same career ladder. People are usually allocated full-time for the duration of the project, and report to the project leader or manager - although they may also retain a reporting line to another manager.

Challenges to the traditional approach include:
maintenance - the new software paradigm - from incremental development - via rapid application development (RAD) and prototyping - to permanent system evolution more
increasing task complexity - diversity of relevant specialist areas - need for projects to call in an ever-wider range specialist services
development coordination - getting economies of scale through reuse - harmonizing interfaces and platform requirements, synchonizing releases more

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project management principles


Maximizing the satisfaction of customer and other stakeholder needs is paramount.
All work in a project is carried out as a set of planned and interlinked tasks.
Quality has to be built into both product and process.
Management is responsible for creating an environment for quality.
Management is responsible for continuous improvement.

[source: ISO 10006]


project management services


Assessment / Audit

Planning / Requirements / Design

Process / System / Method / Metrics

Improvement / Coaching / Mentoring


project management white papers and other materials


Notes on Measurement and Control Business metrics and software metrics October 2001
Project Estimation Estimation skills, confidence and overconfidence, project risk, contingency June 1999
Project Types Construction, Research, Reengineering, Procurement, Business Implementation May 1999
Programme Management Programme May 2001
Effective Management of CBD Projects (pdf) Component-Based Development November 1998


project management internet links


Project Management Forum: "Managing the Deadline" by the folk who brought you SCIMITAR Risk Management
Prince2 PRINCE is the official project management methodology of many large Government and commercial organizations.
APM The Association for Project Management.
The Programme Management Special Interest Group offers five definitions of Programme

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Project Management Books

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Robert Block The Politics of Projects One of my favourite books on project management, sadly out of print. out of print 
Fred Brooks jr The Mythical Man-Month The classic book on software project management. buy a copy - usa buy a copy - uk
Tom DeMarco The Deadline A novel about project management, from one of the best-known software gurus. buy a copy - usa buy a copy - uk
Gerald Weinberg Becoming a Technical Leader Top recommendation - brilliantly written and packed with insight.
buy a copy - usa buy a copy - uk



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