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software quality management & process improvement

Patterns and Pitfalls. Patterns are relevant to all levels of software quality management - both software design patterns and process/organization patterns.

Metrics. For centuries, measurement has been a critical success factor for technological development. And yet software measurement is often regarded as an unnecessary overhead.

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Bureaucracy. Many quality regimes are seen as an excuse for another level of bureaucracy. Is it possible to implement ISO 9000 or TickIT, SEI CMM or SPICE in a non-bureaucratic, or even anti-bureaucratic, way?


software quality management
& process improvement


How do you know you have a problem?
How do you know when to call in a software quality expert?
Are your customers unhappy with high costs and poor reliability? 
Is your IT organization unable to provide a good service?
Is outsourcing threatened?
Does your organization have a record of IT project failure?
Do your current IT projects have an unacceptably high risk?
Are you confused by the conflicting demands and jargons of various standards, processes and methods?


software quality management
& process improvement


Here are some of the ways we might be able to help you
Business Assessment of IT

Software Process Improvement

Implementing a Pattern Programme

Method integration and support


software quality management
& process improvement
white papers and other materials


Software Quality Assurance - FAQ Software quality assurance August 1999
Notes on Measurement and Control Software metrics June 1999
Implementing a Pattern Programme Pattern, Software Process Improvement, Process Change Management February 1999
Design Pitfalls as Negative Patterns Design Methods, Quality February 1999
Software Component Quality Quality, Software Testing, Open Distributed Processing (ODP) February 1997
Quality and Eastern Thought

The relevance of Confucius to modern quality thinking

Quality Management March 1994
Quality and Desire

Preliminay notes

Quality Management, Lacan November 1998
The SEI Capability Maturity Model for People

A key to understanding the structure

People Management, SEI CMM October 1997


training workshops

Demanding Quality A defined process for software quality management. 3 days



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