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F flexibility of systems architectures - anticipate changing business requirements more
A alignment between business, systems and technology more
C complexity of business systems - requisite variety more
E evolution of (legacy) systems - evolutionary development more

component-based business extracts from forthcoming book by Richard Veryard

newbusiness challenge

systems engineering for business process change products and services

our services
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Strategic IT assessment, opportunity analysis & planning. 

Process assessment, opportunity analysis, project planning, risk management, workflow design..

Architecture assessment, flexibility analysis, transition planning.

Quality assessment, configuration analysis, procurement planning.

Training, coaching & mentoring, method development.

scipio - adaptive business processes

method materials

training workshops

typical situation and problems

Dead structure?

Systems cannot evolve gracefully

Technology expensive and heavy (slow to change)

Incoherent interfaces?

Low connectivity

Complicated and inefficient

Inconvenient gaps and overlaps

Poor value components?


Obsolete functionality

Obsolete technology

Low quality

Lack of alignment?

Applications don’t fit the business processes

Applications don’t exploit technological opportunity

Poor legacy leverage?

High maintenance costs

Little direct business benefit from maintenance spend

Infrastructure dilemma?

‘Quick fix’ versus ‘strategic investment’

Accounting mechanisms are infrastructure-unfriendly

  • project funding
  • cost allocation


The Business Enterprise: enhance strategic alignment & advantage

The Business Process or Requirement: enhance opportunity

The Systems Architecture or Design: enhance flexibility

The Software Component: enhance quality & value-for-money

The Development Project or Group: enhance capability & success

systems engineering for
business process change
white papers and other materials

Maintenance software maintenance November 1999
Legacy software maintenance, legacy October 1999
Evolution system change August 1999
Articulation flexibility, separation and connection August 1999
Virtual Bank Account business concept implementation, flexibility November 1999
Pattern Catalogue patterns for business, patterns for distribution, patterns for change October 1999
Business System Technology Alignment

under construction

business planning, IT planning March 1999
Component Ecosystems

The context for CBD

components, encapsulation, reuse, plug'n'play June 1999
Process Management Factsheet workflow, workload, work control March 1999
Component-Based Development Factsheet

Also leads to other CBD papers

components, objects, encapsulation

CBD, Year 2000, Euro

April 1999
Open Distributed Processing Factsheet RM-ODP January 1999
How to remain in business despite IT (pdf) Business Flexibility, System Requirements June 1998
Organic Information Planning

An alternative to top-down information strategies

Information Planning December 1997
Infrastructure and its Cost-Justification Technology Planning December 1997
Enterprise Modelling Business Strategy, IT strategy December 1997
Enterprise Computing: ODP as an instrument of hegemony (pdf)

with John Dobson and David Iggulden

Business Strategy, IT strategy September 1993

scipio - adaptive business processes Commercial Exploitation of Components

Understanding Business Requirements in terms of Components

Defining Requirements for Software Components

Designing Software Components

Reusing Legacy Systems, Models and Data

Making the Business Case

Effective Management of CBD Projects

Case Study

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training workshops

Business Process Change with Software Components practical introduction to the SCIPIO method 3 days
Modelling Strategy market analysis & enterprise modelling 1 day
Modelling Ideas process, object & rule modelling 1 day

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