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The SCIPIO method is focused on the development and evolution of open distributed business systems. It integrates current best practice:
  • business process change
  • workflow management
  • component-based development
  • open distributed processing
  • legacy systems evolution
veryard projects is one of the founder members of the SCIPIO Consortium. We are pleased to offer:
The SCIPIO method is managed by the SCIPIO Consortium. Find out more about the power of SCIPIO.

SCIPIO - adaptive business processes

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Rule Modellingnew April 1999 SCIPIO approach for describing, analysing and implementing business rules.
Process Modellingnew March 1999 SCIPIO standards for process modelling and management.
Commercial Exploitation of Componentsnew March 1999 How to be successful in a competitive component marketplace.
Making the Business Casenew Feb 1999 How to cost-justify distributed technology and distributed solutions in a distributed world.
Designing Software Componentsnew Feb 1999 How to design viable, flexible software components.
Reusing Legacy Systems, Models and Dataupdated Feb 1999 Describes the extraction and conversion of components from legacy systems.
Defining Requirements for Software Componentsnew Jan 1999 Describes and answers the challenges of specifying and designing software components in an open distributed world.
SCIPIO Case Study
Liam O'Croder Mail Orderupdated
Nov 1998 This is a good place to start to understand the SCIPIO approach. It illustrates the modelling and design techniques, as well as the reuse of legacy systems, in the context of a simple but powerful example of business process improvement.
Implementation Roadmap:
How to make CBD effective in your organization
June 1998 This provides a step-by-step approach for planning the introduction of CBD using the SCIPIO method.
SCIPIO Background:
Component-Based Development
Aug 1998 Describes the technological opportunities and challenges which SCIPIO has been designed to address.
SCIPIO Background:
Business Process Improvement
June 1998 Describes the business requirements and environment which SCIPIO has been designed to address.
Understanding Business Requirements in terms of Components Oct 1998 Illustrates the SCIPIO approach for determining business requirements.
Effective Management of CBD Projects Nov 1998 Describes a service-based approach for managing component-based development activities.
SCIPIO Aims and Principles April 1998 This outlines the principles of SCIPIO.


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