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Purpose Tasks & Techniques Description
Using components to improve business processes
  • Process Assessment & Analysis
  • Plan Stepwise Migration Path
  • Specify and Provision Software Components
  • Specify and Implement Legacy System Changes
  • Specify and Implement New Working Practices
SCIPIO case study
Selling components commercially
  • Market Analysis
  • Supply Architecture
  • Component Product Management
  • Capability Development / Organizational Learning
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Defining the requirements for reusable software components
  • Identify, Scope and Model the Demand System: who is going to want this component?
  • Identify Service Opportunities: what do they want components to do for them?
  • Create Service Opportunities: define interface specifications
  • Confirm Service Meaningful within Demand System: does such a service make sense to enough users?
  • Confirm Service Economies: can we provision this component at a reasonable cost?
  • Extend Demand System: are there any other people who might value such a component?
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Evolving legacy systems towards distributed component architecture
  • Application Assessment
  • Application Analysis
  • Application Design
  • Application Conversion
SCIPIO white paper
Changing your software development process to CBD
  • Preliminary Assessment & Plan
  • Getting Started (pilot projects)
  • Getting Ahead (next steps)
  • Getting on Top (full CBD capability)
SCIPIO white paper



veryard projects - innovation for demanding change


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