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New ways of doing business. New ways of improving business processes. New ways of analysing IT strategy and IT requirements. These lead naturally to component- based solutions.

SCIPIO integrates business requirements with component- based development and legacy reuse. SCIPIO brings together, for the first time, the disciplines and best practices of business process modelling, workflow management and object-oriented analysis and design. It uses these to enable developers to create flexible systems from reusable components. It establishes capability freely across open distributed technology. The result is information systems capability for business users beyond the Millennium.

SCIPIO Services

A range of consultancy and training services is available.These services are provided by members of the SCIPIO Consortium, as well as a number of other qualified companies. 
  • Are you interested in using component-based development to implement new business processes, to improve existing business processes, or to achieve business excellence?
  • Are you interested in evolving legacy systems towards new and more flexible architectures.
  • Are you interested in getting economies of scale in software production?
  • Are you interested in packaging your expertise and existing software assets on the commercial component market? 

SCIPIO Consortium

SCIPIO is managed by the SCIPIO Consortium. Membership of the Consortium is open to any organization active or interested in the field.
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More information about SCIPIO is available from the following sources: Additional white papers can be found on the veryard projects website.
Ameritas Consultancy, Training, Project Management UK, Europe
Antelope Consultancy: System Architecture and Business Risk UK
Cambio Business Services Consultancy: Change Management UK, Far East
Euro Services Consultancy, Training & Project Management: Component-Based Development and Business Excellence Middle East
Kamm Associates Consultancy Australia
Managing Change Consultancy: Business Analysis, Requirements Definition, and Development. E-commerce and Mass Customization UK
Target Business Improvement Consultancy: Quality Management and Business Excellence Europe
veryard projects Consultancy, Training: Component-Based Development and Open Distributed Processing Europe
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