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Demand = Need (Requirement) + Desire (Pleasure)
Demand > Need
Early Adoption
Demand < Need
Late Adoption

veryard projects - innovation for demanding change

Demanding Change / Demanding Solutions

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A demand is a perverse kind of speech act. A demand is presented as a request for something, with the implication that the
requester will be satisfied if the demand is met. But this implied commitment is rarely honoured. Instead, as soon as there is the
slightest chance that the demand will be satisfied, the demand is at once escalated.

Veryard Projects coined the term Demanding Change to denote the recursive loop (vicious circle):

     People demand changes of various kinds.
     Changes themselves make demands on people.

As a special case, we can identify the technological form Demanding Solutions:

     Technology Management generates demands on people and organizations.
     Change Management generates demands on technology solutions and technical staff


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veryard projects - innovation for demanding change
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